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Posted by on Friday, June 01, 2012

I bought this when it was on promotion for £3. I think the usual price is £4?

This is probably one of the thickest BB Creams I've used, and probably thicker than most foundations. It is /heavy/. This means it's ideal for indiscriminate concealing, but provided it matches your skin tone which, despite this being called 'dark', probably won't be all of you.
To me, this really does feel like a heavy duty foundation and I don't like that, hence why I've turned to BB Creams. It doesn't offer any skincare benefits or SPF, two properties that BB Creams are supposed to have, and isn't lightweight on the skin. Since it clearly does not match my skin tone, I've been mixing it in with my regular BB Cream in order to try it out. While it adds a little concealer, it also turns my skin a slightly weird, pearly shade (I'm putting this down to the fact that it's the wrong colour) and it has a bit of a tacky set to it.

I applaud MUA for having more than two shades (cough cough, almost all other Western BB brands) but the overall product is more miss than hit. Won't be repurchasing.



  1. That's their dark shade, now that's just sad. Looks like a light shade.

  2. Eeeep, that does look thick and heavy! D:

  3. Hi Lena, hope your exams are going well and they're not drilling you with A2 stuff already. Thanks for this review! Just wondered (maybe I missed something?) what BB cream you are using at the moment - is it the one you made or have you found one that's a decent colour?

    Thanks x

  4. Tell me about it, Beauty on a College Budget! Terrible shade range...

    I've never quite used anything like it, Jerry :P Like I mentioned, the thickness has it's uses in areas that need concealing...but as an all over the face BB Cream? Not the best!

    Hi Dee, thank you for the kind words! Thankfully they're over now, but yes we have unfortunately started A2 content, aha!
    Well, while I am currently finishing up the third batch of one I made, I have recently purchased the new Maybelline one in Dark (obviously, haha) and am looking forward to trialling it!

    Thank you all for your comments!


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