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Posted by on Friday, December 31, 2010

 Before I start, is it me or has Blogger suddenly got a lot faster at uploading photos? Meh. I'm not complaining.
So I used a Forever Friends Eyeshadow Palette from last year's collection (the dark, navy blue. I'll have to photograph it some time for you guys) and near the tear duct and at the end is MUA Shade 9. It's an awesome, very strong blue/purple duochrome. Not bad for a pound!
There's a little highlight that doesn't extend all the way up to the brow bone from one of my Active Cosmetics palettes (review coming soon). Eyeliner is one of those generic ones we Nigerians are so adept at finding in London markets and the mascara is quite crap so I shan't bother with the name, lol. Ignore the brows. I filled them in with the matte black in the Sleek Acid palette because my natural ones are like a forest after a nuclear winter.

Another eye of the day for your time:
 If you didn't ignore the brows the first time, you must this time. They're so nasty, lol. I forgot to fill them in :P
This is MUA Shade 13 on the bottom and above it (in a pathetic attempt at a cut crease) is the lovely purple from the Sleek Circus Palette (limited edition). I'm not entirely sure where all the glitter came from. That's the problem with sparkles. Wear them once when you're like five and they're still popping up in the most random places when you're 16...


  1. Great looks!!
    I started my blog in november, check it out, I hope you like it :)
    Happy new year!

  2. I'll definately check it out. Thanks for the comment, white-lotusflower!

  3. I adore purple eyeshadow! The magenta in the crease is fabulous!

  4. Thank you so much, Scandalous! :) I love purple too, it's one of those colours that looks good on everyone in my opinion.


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