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My Sleek Pout Polish Collection

I have far too many of these.

Electro Peach, Pink Cadiliac, Perfect Plum.


I think these, after the eyeshadow palettes (obviously) were some of the first things I'd ever tried from Sleek. Their sheerness meant they were school appropriate. Ah, memories.

That was then. This is now:
Starting from left: Sugar May (limited edition), Pink Cadilliac, Raspberry Rhapsody, Electro Peach, Chocolate Kiss, Powder Pink. Middle: Perfect Plum.

It's ludicrous that I have so many of these because I don't even like them that much. Petroleum based products in general don't help my lips, they simply maintain their dry condition until the skin up and peels of its own accord, so I don't really get the 'conditioning' effect that other people rave about with these, and many of them are as sheer as hell so I'm not even getting colour!
Mwahahaha! Cover your eyes, dirty used makeup in five, four, three, two, one...

I find a layer of Carmex or a Nivea balm prior to application of these means that I get both conditioning and colour when I wear them.They're ideal for a school day where I can't be bothered with maintaining a strong lip colour and have gone dramatic on the eyes, so lip colour overkill isn't necessary.


Left to Right: Powder Pink, Perfect Plum, Chocolate Kiss, Electro Peach, Sugar May, Raspberry Rhapsody, Pink Cadilliac.

Again, in slightly different light:

On the lips, Perfect Plum is by far the most pigmented (looks like a colour saturated lip gloss, to be honest) followed by Chocolate Kiss. Electro Peach, Pink Cadilliac and Powder Pink are all reasonably pigmented (and they're from the core line) and Raspberry Rhapsody and Sugar May being least pigmented, though somewhat layerable. I guess, as with any product, if you have less pigmented lips then these are more likely to be more visible on you.

Sleek Blush By Three - Pink Sprint and Flame (Part One of Three)

Yes, I did purchase all five palettes. I was initially under the impression that these were limited edition, but they're only limited edition in Superdrug, apparantly, and will remain permanent on the Sleek website, so if you're upset that you've 'missed' their sale in stores, fear not.
First up are Pink Sprint and Flame.

Pink Sprint is the only entirely matte palette. I think I'll end up getting the least use out of this simply because all my other Sleek blush singles are also matte, so it's not like I'm short of matte blushes. Even so, it's really beautiful.


As with many Sleek blushes, it swatches a little chalky but has no problem once applied to the cheek. Pink Sprint, as a palette, screams 'summer' to me. It's asking to be paired with jet black eyeliner and some bright coral on the lips for a day in the city. The colour choices are also pigmented enough to work on any skintone. Sleek gets a thumbs up from me on this.

Flame is actually rather breathtaking.
I love all three of the colours in this. Actually, there isn't a colour in any of the palettes that I hate/don't use, but the bright red is reminscent of Scandalous (Valentine's Day, 2010) a colour I already own and get a lot of use from, and the two blushes have a small hint of shimmer in them which really bring light to the face. They look scary in the pan, but really are beautiful on.

Planning to have the remaining three as well as dupes/comparisons to other Sleek blushes in later posts!

MUA Professional BB Cream

I bought this when it was on promotion for £3. I think the usual price is £4?

This is probably one of the thickest BB Creams I've used, and probably thicker than most foundations. It is /heavy/. This means it's ideal for indiscriminate concealing, but provided it matches your skin tone which, despite this being called 'dark', probably won't be all of you.
To me, this really does feel like a heavy duty foundation and I don't like that, hence why I've turned to BB Creams. It doesn't offer any skincare benefits or SPF, two properties that BB Creams are supposed to have, and isn't lightweight on the skin. Since it clearly does not match my skin tone, I've been mixing it in with my regular BB Cream in order to try it out. While it adds a little concealer, it also turns my skin a slightly weird, pearly shade (I'm putting this down to the fact that it's the wrong colour) and it has a bit of a tacky set to it.

I applaud MUA for having more than two shades (cough cough, almost all other Western BB brands) but the overall product is more miss than hit. Won't be repurchasing.


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