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Halloween nails.

 As I'm sure most of you know by now, I live in England. Halloween is not big in England, or Europe for that matter. Quite frankly we just don't care. So for the past week I've seen my blogroll blow up with primarily American/Canadian bloggers excitedly posting their halloween manicures and I'm just like, "Whatever, no one cares over here." Do you know how many trick or treaters we got today? None. We bought sweets specially and everything.
 This is Frankenstein, by the way. Did you know that's a misconception, that his name is Frankenstein? We studied the book in Year Nine and the name of the doctor who creates him is Frankenstein. What we know and love as Frankenstein is simply referred to as "The Monster"
 So anyway in Europe nobody cares. But I made these anyway just to fit in with the cool crowd. Yey for sheepism!
Having a good Halloween, everyone? Ours is nearly over - it's half eleven right now.Which means I have to go to bed soon. And wake up. And go to school. Yes, half term is over.

le sigh.


 Never quite sure what to call these. Are they trainers, or are they corsets? Hmm. Reminds me of those little weird pictures that mess with your mind. Do you see the old woman, or the young woman? Two faces, or a vase? So confusing, I tell you.
So this was ASOS Olivia and the purple was MUA shade whatever, I can't remember :P White and navy nail art pens for the detail and the top coat was a clear MUA polish. Perhaps someone out there can help me clear up the "trainer or corset" dilemma. Which one does it look like to you?


French manicure, pure and simple. My form tutor has explicately OK'D this particular brand of nail polish. It's officially legal. Woot, I guess. What a shame it's so dull.

 I hope you can see the rhinestones I stuck on the thumb to jazz it up a bit. I covered it with a thick layer of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri (it's coming nearer and nearer to the end of the bottle so it's now quite gloopy and picks up colour from my other manicures) so that they would be less likely to fall off. Worked, for the most part.
 The ring finger looks the neatest. Apologies for the streak of green on the index finger - the topcoat picked up some colour from a previous manicure which I didn't realise until I topcoated this manicure. Fail.
I wore this for like two days before I craved colour, lol. It's half term now anyway.

What are your opinions on the classic french manicure? Like? Dislike? Don't care?

Didn't see that coming

Oh wow! I have 100 followers :P Thanks so much guys!

You're probably all sick and tired of the long speeches so I'll keep it short...didn't expect this. Thank you so much :P I'll have to go giveaway shopping now. Watch this space :)

This should be a real animal

Just imagine a leopard with this sort of colouring. How awesome would that be? Very awesome, me thinks. Not very practical, camoflauge wise and all that, but awesome nonetheless.

This is ASOS Olivia and the dots are Barry M's Cyan Blue. I find it to be the second best, application wise, of the Nail Paints I have tried (with first place going to the ever flawless, amazing Raspberry). I outlined the whole thing with a nail art pen I ordered from eBay.
 Had no idea whether this suited my nails but thought it looked badass anyway :P
I do love my leopard prints, they're an easy way of spicing up a manicure when you're too tired/uninspired to do anything else. I think I've done quite enough now though, time for a change of pace. I need to showcase some of the "designs" (read - sticker application) I've made with the cheapo kits from Poundland and then try my hand at freehand again. Pathetic pun was intended.

Pink and Grey Experiments

Before you see the pictures, I apologise for the lack of cleanup - I just /knew/ I'd be told to take it off at school so painted it the night before and quickly snapped it before I went to school.

So it's my alltime favourite hot pink (I only have two, but let's overlook that little fact, shall we) over BeautyUK's "Slate". I've always wanted to do a pink and grey look and will probably repeat this one at some point, but neatly.

There's a bit of bonus Konading for you on the middle finger. It's the Miss Sporty brand but I don't think they name their polishes, so it's just the black polish with the blue lid lol.

It needs improvement, but what do you guys think about the colour combination?

Marble Nail Art

Lately, I've been failing so hard at water marbles, but I felt the thumb of this one was passable.

 For a base colour, I painted (from the thumb) Barry M Nail Paint in Cyan Blue, ASOS Paints in Olivia, Blue, Orange, Blue lol. I reversed the order for the other hand (not pictured).
 I also suck at photographing marbles clearly. Sorry about this, y'all.
While I was doing a water marble not so long ago (not this one, the offending marble involved the infamous Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Yellow nail polish) something interesting happened. A ball of the yellow nail polish sank to the bottom of the plastic cup. I wouldn't have cared but about five minutes later it had actually managed to eat it's way through the cup and there was nail polish filled water /everywhere/. Messy cleanup, that was. Anyone else found anything similar?

Complete and utter rage.

So the Government cuts meant that they've stopped producing NI (National Insurance cards, for those that don't know what this is - basically, you get one when you're sixteen or just about to turn sixteen and it means you pay tax on your earnings and...stuff) cards. They sent me one a couple of weeks back but /butchered/ my middle name (and did the same thing to another friend of mine with a foreign middle name, clearly this is a conspiracy) so we sent it back, not realising that we wouldn't get it back. They reply with the information above and a paltry letter with a serial number on it. A letter. Yes, for real. I don't want a bloody letter. I want a card! *incoherent ranting*

No but seriously we rang them up, begged, pleaded and offered to pay ourselves. No, the original card has been destroyed. No sorry, you can't buy one. No, there is no way we can help you. Yes, this is an 0800 phone number.

I may well be coming off as a petulant teenager but it actually meant something to me :(

On the plus side, yey half term.

I'd swap my half term for an NI card though.

Dots and lines and shizz

 I was going for a sort of tree + dots theme. Can you tell? Lol.
The polish looks black but it is actually blue. O_o. ASOS's Alexa. I'll do an actual swatch of it when my nails grow back.

ASOS - Olivia

Look at the orange. Just look at it. So bright!

 This is the first non franken orange that I've bought, and I've got to say that I love it. It's amazing. Bright, almost neon, great application, flawless etc.
 The bottle is just too cute. Look at it. Precious.
I can't believe I'm fangirling over a nail polish. Aish.
So the formula is just the right /type/ of runny, it applies fairly well - opaque in two coats - removes easily and is just generally flawless. I approve.

September Empties

I switched it up slightly this time around as I didn't have any products I really /adored/. So. Above is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter cream, which I'll probably repurchase as it's quite good.
 Random eye/lip liner pencil I got off my mum. It's not very black and barely hangs around on my eyes past lunchtime :(
 MUA eyeshadow in Shade 13. Technically, this broke and I haven't actually /finished/ it, so I'll keep using it until I buy a new one. Don't ask me how it broke because I don't know. I took it out of my makeup box one day and there it was in all it's destroyed beauty. Ah well, it was only a pound.
This finished pretty quickly - there doesn't seem to be much product in the tube. For some reason it stung when I put it on my upper lip? Don't know what that was about. I don't think I'll repurchase, anyway. I have my eye on those little orby thingies that the American blogosphere is going crazy over :P

Any disappointments this past month for you guys? Any unexpectedly good products?

I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish but...

So I opened my inbox the other day to find an email from someone that I didn't recognise, which I'm going to paraphrase (and change, because I don't want to name names)

"You've recently commented on yerfacesinnit* blog and we'd just like to notify you of (happy event)"

Ah, I thought. That's nice. Don't know how you managed to get my email, but whatevs. I read on:

"If you'd like to send donations or gifts here's the address."


Lol wasn't expecting that one.

I don't know, am I being overly cynical on this occasion? First off I assume my email was obtained from a comment as opposed to someone taking the time to find my blog and then look at my email address, which is at the top of this page. I don't know how to do that but even so, I won't do it to you guys, don't worry.
Secondly, I just find something slightly off about soliciting gifts off people I don't really know off the internet. I find it a bit cheeky, really, but maybe that's me. Anyway. What do you guys think?

Marble experiments

 This is two MUA polishes (the blue one and the purple one, I've forgotten the numbers - Superdrug, take heed and name your products properly!) over the grey BeautyUK polish.
It didn't come out as nicely as I hoped it would :( Looks all nasty and lumpy. Ah well. Anyone got any tips for making a marple work?

Beauty UK Slate Nail Polish

 And this set me back a whopping £1.79 /sarcasm.
 This is the first grey colour I owned. I figured that because we had Enterprise Day on Tuesday (I bought this on Saturday) and we had to wear "smart" work clothes to school, I might as well go the whole way and get an office-appropriate nail polish.
 This was two coats. It's pretty cool, nice and squishy. You can't really get away with one coat as it's overly runny, but two is fine.
 Fairly easy to apply and looks pretty good, I'd say!
I haven't tried out any other polishes from this brand but I'm going to have to now. Superdrug were doing a "Buy three for £5" offer which I'm going to take up next time I'm there as they have a really nice, wide colour range and if the rest of them have this sort of quality, I'm not complaining! A +, Beauty UK. Great nail polish.

First ASOS Order - Damn, they ship fast.

 Do you see it? DO YOU SEE IT? Haha, so excited. Got home from school to find this beauty on my kitchen table (thanks Mum). I only ordered on Monday, as well. Postage was a bit steep (£3.95 when the total of my items ordered only came to £4) but this was seriously quick so I'll let them off. Bought this with some of the money from my first pay cheque so I'm in a good mood!
 Nicely packed. Last thing that you want when ordering online is broken and leaking bottles of potential toxic fluid everywhere. I suppose the box is a bit big but whatever, I can reuse it.
Orange: Olivia
Purple: Megan
Green/Turquoise: Lily
Navy Blue: Alexa
Apparantly these are all named after famous fashion icons. I can guess the last two pretty easily but am kind of stumped on the first two. *ponders*
I haven't tried them out yet but they look /so/ incredibly pretty and cute. Can't wait.

For once, I like all three.

 Three products I managed to obtain on my travels in town this weekend.  Products - MUA Eyeshadow Shade 6 (Pearl), Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover and BeautyUk Glam Nails nail polish in "Slate".
 I love this. It's from the £1 line at Superdrugs and it's the most awesome blue/purple/violet duochrome I own, easily. Incredibly stunning and vibrant once on the eye.
 Can you see the colour shift?
 Argh, I'm getting excited just looking at it! Incredibly well pigmented and creamy to apply. I wore this to school today and got a hella lot of compliments. With hindsight this is probably one of /the/ brightest and most obvious eyeshadows I could have chosen to wear to school *facepalm* but a teacher commented on it and said it was nice! (My awesome science teacher) so I wasn't told to take it off. Woot. WOOT.
I'd seen a review of the Sally Hansen Kwik Off on a blog a while ago so imagine my surprise when I stumbled across it in Poundland? My only regret is that I didn't buy more, because I don't know when/if I'll find it again :( So it's basically like a huge sponge completely saturated with acetone free remover. You stick your fingers in the hole and twist and the polish comes off /like magic/. This product is so amazing. Plus, it smells like lemon! Win win situation guys, win win situation.

The third product, the nail polish, gets a post all to itself, so stay tuned! Anyone hauled anything amazing recently?

Red and Blue Alternative French

 I did this on Thursday, because for year eleven they've changed the assembly times. Now, assembly for us is on a Thursday and a Friday, and Guardian Angels is on a Wednesday. Coupled with violin lessons in the early morning on Tuesday, this means I should be able to hide from my form tutor for four days out of every week.
 (I hate how the navy isn't showing up in the photos. It looks like black but I trust you, it /is/ blue and looked slightly more cool in real life)
In practice I have to stay out of his way up until precisely 8:30 every morning otherwise he hunts me down and asks to see my nails. *rage*

Ignore the rant. This is Barry M's Nail Paint in Raspberry (I'm well over half into the bottle now, scary!) and the navy was from the set of nail art pens. It's a pretty good navy actually, just the right amount of runny.

Oh, and the first of October was Nigerian Independance Day! Just thought I'd share :P I can't believe time is going so quickly!

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