Pink and Grey Experiments

Posted by on Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before you see the pictures, I apologise for the lack of cleanup - I just /knew/ I'd be told to take it off at school so painted it the night before and quickly snapped it before I went to school.

So it's my alltime favourite hot pink (I only have two, but let's overlook that little fact, shall we) over BeautyUK's "Slate". I've always wanted to do a pink and grey look and will probably repeat this one at some point, but neatly.

There's a bit of bonus Konading for you on the middle finger. It's the Miss Sporty brand but I don't think they name their polishes, so it's just the black polish with the blue lid lol.

It needs improvement, but what do you guys think about the colour combination?


  1. I am liking your blog, so I think I'll follow you. I didn't actually think they were so strict about makeup, clothes, and nails in school in the UK. Dang. So tough. I'd die without those things.

  2. Thanks very much Starving Nail Addict! (love your name) and yes, our teachers are draconian sadly. Ah well, only one more year until sixth form and then I can wear whatever I want!


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