Marble Nail Art

Posted by on Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lately, I've been failing so hard at water marbles, but I felt the thumb of this one was passable.

 For a base colour, I painted (from the thumb) Barry M Nail Paint in Cyan Blue, ASOS Paints in Olivia, Blue, Orange, Blue lol. I reversed the order for the other hand (not pictured).
 I also suck at photographing marbles clearly. Sorry about this, y'all.
While I was doing a water marble not so long ago (not this one, the offending marble involved the infamous Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Yellow nail polish) something interesting happened. A ball of the yellow nail polish sank to the bottom of the plastic cup. I wouldn't have cared but about five minutes later it had actually managed to eat it's way through the cup and there was nail polish filled water /everywhere/. Messy cleanup, that was. Anyone else found anything similar?


  1. the ball thing happened to me to!!! it made the biggest mess in the world!!!!

  2. youd think that wouldnt be to good for your nails :s


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