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 Never quite sure what to call these. Are they trainers, or are they corsets? Hmm. Reminds me of those little weird pictures that mess with your mind. Do you see the old woman, or the young woman? Two faces, or a vase? So confusing, I tell you.
So this was ASOS Olivia and the purple was MUA shade whatever, I can't remember :P White and navy nail art pens for the detail and the top coat was a clear MUA polish. Perhaps someone out there can help me clear up the "trainer or corset" dilemma. Which one does it look like to you?


  1. I'd say corset (but that's only because I don't know what I trainer is- someone at the gym?. . .lol) Did you free-hand that? It looks very nice.

  2. corset! for trainers, i imagined that you'd have to criss-cross all the dots. awesome mani btw. always wanted to try this but never did do it. :)

  3. Oh, sorry Starving Nail Addict! Are you from the States? I think they call them sneakers over there lol :P Thanks anyway. Yeah I did freehand it.

    Good point nosugaradded. You should give it ago, if a nail art failure like me can try it you'll definately be able to! :P

  4. hahaha! my nails are bare nekkid at the moment but am determine to do this tomoro! *flaming determination* its now 3.47am and im still up~ i cant get to sleep. =_=''

  5. Lol! Well, good luck! And try and sleep! It's not good for you babes :P

  6. I finally did this mani! :D check it out here :


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