Sleek Blush By Three - Pink Sprint and Flame (Part One of Three)

Posted by on Monday, June 11, 2012

Yes, I did purchase all five palettes. I was initially under the impression that these were limited edition, but they're only limited edition in Superdrug, apparantly, and will remain permanent on the Sleek website, so if you're upset that you've 'missed' their sale in stores, fear not.
First up are Pink Sprint and Flame.

Pink Sprint is the only entirely matte palette. I think I'll end up getting the least use out of this simply because all my other Sleek blush singles are also matte, so it's not like I'm short of matte blushes. Even so, it's really beautiful.


As with many Sleek blushes, it swatches a little chalky but has no problem once applied to the cheek. Pink Sprint, as a palette, screams 'summer' to me. It's asking to be paired with jet black eyeliner and some bright coral on the lips for a day in the city. The colour choices are also pigmented enough to work on any skintone. Sleek gets a thumbs up from me on this.

Flame is actually rather breathtaking.
I love all three of the colours in this. Actually, there isn't a colour in any of the palettes that I hate/don't use, but the bright red is reminscent of Scandalous (Valentine's Day, 2010) a colour I already own and get a lot of use from, and the two blushes have a small hint of shimmer in them which really bring light to the face. They look scary in the pan, but really are beautiful on.

Planning to have the remaining three as well as dupes/comparisons to other Sleek blushes in later posts!

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