Officially Legal!

Posted by on Sunday, December 12, 2010

Er. That's sounds slightly wrong.

Anyway a few days ago it was my birthday! I'm officially sixteen and can do all those things that I've been doing since I was thirteen!

Moving on...I got some nice makeup-related items to celebrate.

 Nails Inc Colour Collection from my lovely brother and sister! I was so excited to see this, let me tell you. It's got four lush Autumn/Winter colours - a red, a grey, a blue and a taupe...
 It comes with ribbon, too!
I also got some Bundle Monster plates from my parents! I've been wanting these for a while. I'm going to do a fuller, indepth review/tutorial later on, but I thought I'd quickly cover my feelings here. You do get an awful lot of designs for the price, which is great. But the edges /will/ cut your hands to shreds and I find on at least two of the plates the designs are too shallow as to show up effectively, which kind of negates the point. Plus they're incredibly difficult to clean effectively. While I'm not putting my plates up for display, I'm always worried that say, some of the pink nail polish I used previously will ruin the design of the next thing I am planning to stamp...

Oh, and perhaps this is the polish I use, but I haven't had this problem with any other brand of plate - the design often doesn't transfer correctly to the nail and pulls, stretches, or comes off altogether, which is obviously a huge pain in the bum. I'm trying to work out how to rectify this problem - and yes, I've removed the plastic!
 Can't wait to try this mascara out, but it'll probably be a looong time because I've got two others to get through before I tackle this one. Mini rant - why are drugstore mascaras so expensive these days? There's usually only a couple of pounds in it between those and the high end ones...


  1. Congrats! Happy late birthday girl!

  2. Nice pressie. Very classic/classy.

  3. Thank you so much Toestahttwinkle! and Jaljen! I'm looking forward to trying them out.

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful. Ita on the Bundle Monster plates. I only use the one with the lip prints. >.< 18 flippin bucks for one damn plate. But hey! It does double as a knife/potential karate ninja throwing star so....its a bargain?

  5. Thank you so much Scandalous! It was really good thanks :)

    I know the one. It's a cool plate, but so not worth $18. And lol that's a good use for it :P
    It's a wonder I'm not missing three digits by now, the edges are so unnecessarily sharp...

  6. hey! happy belated birthday! i dont really use the plates as much as i want to unless im in a stump and dont know what to do with my mani. but would still love to get my hands on them. ive only got like 6 plates now and i almost always use the splat design. :D

  7. Happy Birthday! I have issues with the Bundle Monster plates too. It always seems like the designs I really want to use are the ones that just don't work!

  8. Thanks for your comment xnosugeraddedx! Very intersting to read. I don't think I have the splat design though :(

    Lol your username fits with the comment, Bad Luck Baby! :P

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