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Posted by on Saturday, December 04, 2010

I'm hoping some of you will remember, not too long ago I told you all about the Free Nails Inc polish with the December issue of Glamour? Well, I picked one up myself and found the little gem that is Nails Inc Jermyn Steet.

 This went on really well and was opaque in two coats. I'm still eager to try out Barry M Nail Paint in "Mushroom" because that looks like a really dark brown and I felt this was quite cool on my skintone. Still, I like it. It's a cool nude.
 No bubbles. It didn't last particularly long without a topcoat though, only a day before it began chipping. Which sucks. If I'd paid £10 a bottle for this, which is the RRP if I remember correctly, I'd be fuming. I shouldn't have to wear a topcoat, dammit :P I haven't tried it with one yet, though, so perhaps I'll update this when I have.
 It dried really quickly as well, which is always a plus since I ran out of my fast drying topcoat. Boo, Sally Hansen. Way to go cloudy and gloopy halfway down the bottle. Thanks for that.
The real plus of this polish, in my opinion, is in the removal. It genuinely melts off the fingernail when you apply removal to it. No rubbing, no effort of any kind involved, just wipe and you're ready to go. Makes my life so much easier. A+
Did anyone else pick up a copy of Glamour this month? Let us know if you did!


  1. Oooh, I like this color. I'm late to the "mushroom" color trend lol

  2. Even better is the special edition Jermyn St mini that has a bit of glitter! EVEN BETTER!!!

  3. Lol so am I Scandalous :P I'm always late with fashion trends.

    Ooh? What is this mini of which you speak, jaljen? Sounds intriguing. I want pictures. NAOW.


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