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Posted by on Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I’m always interested in new brands and companies so when I received an email from Adam Gore, the founder of Candy Nails, I decided to check it out.

Candy Nails is a UK-based website which stocks primarily nail polish brands that can be hard to purchase elsewhere for UK customers. Like I said, I’ve had a nose around their website, and it’s pretty easy to use and the colours are true to life. I especially dig the “Nail Studio” feature. You choose your skin colour and the nail polish, and a hand comes out that’s your skin tone with the polish on it. How cool? Pretty cool. It’s good for knowing how a certain polish will look on you, and it amused me for like fifteen minutes. Good times.
While we were speaking, Adam mentioned celebrity nail artists and that the website has a blog, so I’m quite intrigued as to what Candy Nails will be doing in the near future. I had the opportunity to ask Adam a couple of questions so you guys can get to know him better!  

1) Why the name "Candy Nails"?

The name Candy Nails took around one year for me to be finally happy with. It’s a brand name that emits nice thoughts of bright colours and sweet tasting goodies and also incorporates what the brand is all about - and that’s nail care.

2) Clearly your site is not just about nail polish, what other products can my readers expect to find on your website? at the moment is predominantly nail polish at the moment due to the lack of other websites selling a choice of colours to the consumer - for example we are the only shop in the UK stocking the whole range of Jessica Nail Polish.  Other products that we are going to expand on in that are usually left in the background are men’s products. Being a man myself, I know that I want these high quality products and equipment so my goal is to make men feel at ease buying hand and feet care products online.  We also have a great line of Anti Aging products from Skin Doctors. Remember your mom or gran used to say “You can always tell their age by the condition of their hands,” 
Well again, there isn’t another website offering anti ageing product for the hands.  

3) Are you planning to expand into other cosmetics (as in, not just nail polishes)

 Yes, the aim for the website is to be a trusted one stop shop for every hand and feet care product available (all the best quality ones )

4) You mentioned Celebrity Nail tell us more ;)

 Our other aim is to not just be a boring website, we love this industry and everything about it and working with people like Sophy Robson is a key part to our future. Just check out our news section for things that she’s written about us.

5) The "Nail Studio" application on your website is pretty innovative, what was the inspiration for that?

Well like everything else on it was invented because there was a need for people to view nail polish colours on real skin tones.  So we had professional hand models shot in HD video and the use of real colour swatches for the polish.  This is something we are very proud of.

6) What led you to create your own brand?

I saw a need in the market for a place where people can go to and think, “Wow, I feel at home here,” and they can trust that they’re not going to get ripped off or even my worst fear “bored”. So I scoured the internet for similar companies and witnessed a lack of respect for the customer. So there it was, was born after 3 years of planning and hard research. I truly believe Candy Nails is the one to watch out for. 

7) I've noticed that there is a blog on the site. Are you planning on adding more advice/tutorial articles?
Our CandyBLOG is something we are just getting work done for. I want to include lots of articles that will help people in their quest for perfect hands and feet.

I dug the name so I thought I'd do some candy themed nail art, lol.

Disclaimer – I wasn’t paid nor received any free shizz to do this write up.


  1. Love this website. It's bootiful. x

  2. The Nail Polish Picker is such a great idea! Great Find!!!

  3. Very nice!! Your mani is so cute---looks so good enough to lick a nice way :)

  4. Thanks rmcandlelihgt! Much appreciated.

    Thanks for your comments, Krystal and Anonymous.


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