It's love, guys.

Posted by on Wednesday, June 02, 2010

So, MUA.

Em YOU ay.

Doesn't it sound gorgeous in your mouth? Like, I dunno, a delectable praline. Or any food really.

No, seriously everyone. I'm in love.

So I picked up "Shade 9" (yeah, I guess naming them would have broken the budget) at Superdrugs. It's a gorgeous, squishy, jelly blue. Yum. Anyway, so you get about 6.2ml of varnish, which isn't much but the bottles look uber cute and for only one pound, I approved. First coat is meh, just like the Barry M's (apart from Raspberry, which is basically a one coater) and nastiness, but two coats - heaven. Gorgeous. Words cannot describe, but the pictures can. Blue, jelly squishiness. I love it. I LOVE IT. Dries quickly. Brush is pretty odd (or maybe it was just my bottle) but trust me when I say you can live with it.

One beef, though - when I went to Superdrugs, there was almost no choice. And I went to TWO different Superdrugs and both only had the black nail polish, the clear one, this blue and a couple of greens left. Clearly hoardes of crazed fourteen year olds (we all know what the Superdrug crowd are like, poking their grubby hands into everything that's not taped down) were just too much for this innocent makeup counter. Anyway.
Buy this. BUY IT. Don't believe me? Check out this review by the lovely Rebekah at For The Love of Nails...and then have a good nose around the rest of her blog, it pwns :P


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  1. That looks lovely on you. Perfect colour for you.
    Ha. Our Superdrug doesn't have MUA yet. We are SO last millennium. Jeez, we barely have shops. Still bartering for furs...

  2. Thank you so much jaljen!

    Urgh. I hate it when shops don't have things that I want :P I was lucky that the Superdrug I went to was quite big. And LOL at the bartering for furs bit! I'm giving away some MUA polishes and some chocolate in my giveaway - if you can't find them in your own superdrugs, see if you can win some! Thanks for your comment!

  3. OMG, that looks amazing on you!!!!! I love love love it on you! Such a beautiful squishyyy blue color.
    You know, I wish I could go nail polish shopping here, but all I can find here are nudes, pinks, reds and browns. :( It bugs me to no limits.

  4. Aww, thank you Rhea! That's really nice of you :)
    Damn, that must suck :( Do you order online? It'd probably be more expensive to ship to India but that way you could have access to all the nice polish brands that we europeans can't get in shops here (I'm not allowed to order online :P) Thanks for your comment!

  5. I am allowed to order online only once every year.
    But you know, most etailers that ship 'internationally' don't ship to India. Only transdesign & head2toebeauty do. You know about Transdesign's insane shipping rates( $40 or something). & Head2toe beauty only ships some brands internationally.
    I just received my order from head2toe, I ordered from there cuz some brands are better than none :L

  6. You serious? That's pretty misleading, stating "international" if you only mean the western world. This sort of thing gets my back up :P If you're willing to pay the cost of postage then why not? And $40 dollars for postage is actually obscene. Jeez.

  7. I'm glad i fould your blog!! It's great!!

    Blues are one of my favorites and this one is just lovely on you :)

    Please checkout my blog

    Thank you :)

  8. Hey! Thanks so much for the comment (and the compliment! :) )I did look at your blog and now I'm following, it's great!


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