Haulin' II. Poundland Concealer and Eyeliner Pencils and why you should not eat pigments

Posted by on Sunday, June 27, 2010

And the ugly.

Bleuch. I also got this from Poundland:
The eyeliners (don't know if you can see from the picture) are metallic. They also had a choice of two black pencils or two brown ones.
And this. This is in a league of it's own, I tell thee.

Anyways. First, the concealer. I was at Poundland, all excited, looking through the concealers. This one was called "Dark" so I bought it.

Can you read that? It says, "Shade Dark, with added tea tree".
That's not dark, dammit. It's really light - almost like my Sleek foundation (I really need to get rid of that but don't know anyone who wants it... -.-)
Also, it's really weirdly shaped, like a lipstick bullet.
They serious?
And look at all that product being wasted in the bottom of the tube. I've tried, there's no way to get to it.
I made a splodge on my arm with brown eyeliner.
Stuck concealer over it. Fail. After rubbing in, adding more, and repeating the process several times, I got this:
It looks very odd on camera but in real life there's just a slightly pink toned smudge over the eyliner. Sigh.
Perhaps it might work if I wore it under foundation, but what really gets me is how they've labelled it as "Dark" when it's not at all!
Since it looks so much like a lipstick, I put it on my lips to see if it'd make a good nude (not for me, obviously, but for my lighter skinned readers)
Nah. Looks so bizzare in relation to the rest of my face, you have NO IDEA. Plus it doesn't apply evenly, adding another coat removes the first and it will accentuate everything on your lips. Also has the odd effect of making my lips look like they're pillows. They're not that big, I assure you.
So save yourself the quid and get something off the McDonald's saver menu instead. Hmmm, medium fries. Unless, of course, this shade would actually suit you, in which case buy it. It's odd that the pressed powder comes in tones suitable for dark girls but not the foundation or the concealer...

These are the eyeliner pencils. They're alright. I haven't actually worn them for a look yet but when I put swatched these on my hand, the blue one was fine while the green melted a little (in fairness, it was a very hot day).
Green on the left, blue on the right.
And finally, the 2True Eyeshadow Dazzler. It's one of those that doesn't have a name, just a "Shade X". Why do all the companies not put any effort in these days?
Number 9, they call it.
For an entire day, this was as far as I'd got. I couldn't remove that plastic protective thingy they've got covering the holes of the sifter and I couldn't remove the sifter. I was a tad miffed that I'd paid £1.95 (considering MUA is £1 for slightly more product and Sleek is £2.99 for WAY more product and an unbelivable colour choice. Even Barry M do some awesome shades in their Dazzle Dusts and theirs don't come with a sifter so you have more than enough in there). for something that I couldn't even open.
Today, however, I resorted to a small knife to prise the sifter away from the jar. Though halfway through, I'd tried to take off the sifter off with my teeth and ended up with pigment in my mouth. EWWW it was gross tasting.

It's more product than I'd originally thought but I think it's still less than the MUA pigment which I really do like. If only it came in more shades.
The brush is damp with homemade mixing medium. I'll do a post on that at some point because my method is somewhat...unorthodox :P
Foiled on the hand. Gives quite good colour payoff, I like it.
I wanted to give the concealer one last chance to redeem itself as a primer. I put a thin layer on my hand and then applied more eyeshadow "dazzler" (what a crap name, blatant rip off of the Barry M Dazzl Dusts) on the left hand side. Three hours later, this is what they look like:
With concealer primer far left, with no primer middle, with that unwanted Sleek foundation as a primer far right.

It managed to fade within three hours. Screw this.

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