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Posted by on Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm kinda notorious for being a not very trendy person. I:

still don't own a matte top coat
don't like Adele's music
have only recently decided to expand my pastels collection
don't own a pair of Uggs, real or otherwise. (and don't plan to, because they're fugly)
only bought my first crackle polish a couple of weeks ago.don't own any lipsticks in bullets that aren't brown.

But seeing as this is going to be a long and hopefully fruitful summer, I thought I'd have a go especially as it's summer, and the trend this year (isn't it the same every year? idk) is for bright, colourful nails. Here are my personail picks for this summer, style shamelessly borrowed from the lovely 25fLONDON:

Thumb: Nails Inc for Diet Coke (one of their ever frequent collaborations <3 helps us poor students afford their polish which is great because I'm sure many of you are aware that I'm a diehard fan) 'Milan'
Index Finger: Barry M 'Cyan Blue'
Middle Finger: Essie 'Bermuda Shorts'
Ring Finger: ASOS Paints 'Lily'
Little Finger: ASOS Paints 'Olivia'

'Milan' is a bright, true red, which is a staple pedicure shade in the summer. Pity that there are least photos of it, because it was really hard to get my whole hand in the shot with the glass, lol.
'Cyan Blue' is bordering on neon, but it's still an unconventional shade to nail muggles and pretty appropriate for the summer, in my opinion.
I love love LOVE 'Bermuda Shorts', as I'm sure you've already heard judging by my review on it, but this is a very bright fuschia-pink and again, a great pedicure shade.
'Lily' is a twist on the mint green love in that's been going on for far too long now. It appears darker in the some of the photos because of the (lack of) lighting (it was like two in the morning) but it's a neon, turquoise-teal colour. Pretty unique!
'Olivia' is the orange on my little finger, it's quite bright but not actually neon or anything. It's more understated and would be interesting as an accent colour in a mani of Barry M's Cyan Blue, or something.

Fabulous Magazine (comes inside the News Of The World on a Sunday) are offering two free Nails Inc polishes when you collect three tokens and take them to a participating Tesco store. I have some information from the press release here:

This summer Fabulous are keeping Britain’s nails sizzling by giving away two free Nails Inc. polishes worth an incredible £22. Created especially for Fabulous, the shades – called Atomic and OMP! (that’s Oh My Pink!) – are sure to be this season’s hottest shades!
To bag the two free nail varnishes, readers need to cut out and collect three of the tokens printed over the next four weeks in Fabulous, starting this Sunday (19th June). They then need to take these to participating Tesco stores from 3rd July to redeem.  Plus, they can treat themselves to a half-price manicure for £14 (usually £28) at any participating Nails Inc salon.
This summer is proving increasingly tempting. My bank account is in a perpetual state of emptiness because of the great magazine freebies (Fabulous as well as Glamour/Benetint and Harpers Bazaar/Leighton Denny) and the new collections (MUA, BeautyUK, Sleek with the Mediterean/Carribean/Oh So Special) so yeah, trying to get Bill Gates to adopt me right now.


What Nails Inc promo polishes have you picked up, if any? I went STRAIGHT to Boots and bought two Dove polishes on the day that the promotion started. Coincidentally, I'd just finished my Dove roll on that foul play involved. Anyway, in the morning, my Mum and I went for a walk and then drove into town to the rather large Boots. Went to the deoderant section, and the special stand was displayed, replete with poster, polishes. Wtf. So we (and another older lady who just happened to be standing with us) complained, and then at first the woman said she had some in stock, went to check, wasted about fifteen minutes and then came back and said they hadn't had a delivery yet. I was like, that's false advertising then. Why put the stand up if you haven't actually got any? Urgh. So we went into the next town and managed to acquire one 'Copabana' each. The other colour wasn't really my thing.
I know they're also doing something with Malibu (the drink) and a bar, and I like the colours, but I'd never get served so there's no point even trying. So yeah, anyone else planning on taking advantage?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Ah, finally another person who thinks Uggs are ugly as hell on a bad day. I still cannot understand the fuss about them, and people look at me like I'm a complete weirdo because of that.

    I'm far from following trends myself, but I feel that this summer's orange will be my summer colour too.

    (sorry for deleting a comment and writing another one right away, but that one had so many typos in it, it didn't seem like English anymore)

  3. They are fugly :P I'm not a fan. *hi fives fellow Ugg disliker*
    I love orange. I've managed to collect three in a short space of time and brands seem to be more open to making them now. Is orange the new mint green? Lol.

    No problem! Rofl at your last sentence :P Thank you for commenting anyway!

  4. I HATE Uggs! They are so gross, why would anyone wear them! Anyway... I'm sad about the Nails Inc. promo cause last time Fabulous had a promo they refused me at my Tesco :( I think they hate me - they were giving other people the stuff! Worth a try though, so thank you for the heads up! xx

  5. And all the cheapie ones ruin your feet as well! What can you do :( Why would they refuse you if they were serving other people? Not funny, Tesco -.- Second time lucky? Thanks for your comment, Emma!

  6. The Asos orange looks great on you!

  7. i'm not one to follow trends either. :) don't worry!! love the colors on your nails!

  8. Totally agree with you about Adele's music and I just bought my second pastel yesterday (OPI Mermaid's Tears, anyone?).

  9. I'm so glad you agree about UGGS!!! I hate those and Crocs, but at least Crocs have the excuse of being gardening shoes.

  10. Those ASOS paints look lovely!x

  11. Thanks Robyn!

    Glad I'm not the only one, carissakuo!

    Way, someone that agrees with me :P I don't know, it's just not really my taste, and I hear it all the time on the radio and stuff so I've just been totally turned off now. Thanks for your comment, Jen! Good taste in nail polish, too.

    Woo, Poetic Realist! THREE people who dislike UGGS. I don't really like Crocs either :P

    Thanks Jenny! I got them when they were on a super cheap promotion but I'm not sure if they do them now.

  12. mmmm i absolutely love cyan blue! it looks spectacular with your skin tone

  13. trends are boring. be ya self! that's why i like ya blog! :0D

  14. Not owning a pair of Uggs, Crocs, etc, is only a sign of intelligence, Adele'music is not for me and... those colour together are so well mixed and placed, especially on your skin tone :>

    I'm still afraid to try a similar manicure, but I think that three-four colours well chosen would make a very pleasant effect!

  15. I love Adele's music! But hate UGGS too. That evens it out a little?!

    I really like Lily & Olivia - have always meant to try out a couple of Ciate polishes but never gotten around to it. Haha, I like how you had to put the polishes into a cup ;D I got hand cramp holding mine the way I did before!

  16. It's true. Year in, year out, it's pretty much the same thing for summer - brights. The message is just conveyed differently and that's called marketing.

    Hmm, Adele's music is fantastic but I agree about UGGs. I still don't see myself ever wearing a pair. :)

  17. Lmao! Too true, Smaltoitaliano. Thanks for your lovely words as well :) Be brave and try it out if you want!

    Just a little, 25fLONDON!
    I too was going to try out some Ciate polishes but they always fall off my to do list and I don't even think they've released anything new for a while, so I lost interest. Aha, thanks for the tip :P

    The fashion world is incredibly good at getting us to buy more of the same stuff under the guise of different stuff, Witoxicity! What can you do :( I've not seen ONE UGGS supporter here! What's going on, lol?

    Not that I'm complaining, they're hideous.


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