WARNING: This is a Feet Post

Posted by on Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer nail trends for feet! Now, I went to all the trouble of creating a special graphic so ya'll don't have to see the feet and can casually scroll along your dashboard for the next non-feet related post. Not my fault if you enter and mentally scar yourself!

So I wanted to swatch my chosen colours for my Summer Nail Trends post on my feet. I wouldn't wear ALL of these as pedicure colours, but a fair few have a shot. Behold:

In different light:

Big Toe: Nails Inc 'Milan'
Second Toe: Barry M 'Cyan Blue'
Middle Toe: Essie 'Bermuda Shorts'
Fourth Toe: ASOS Paints 'Lily'
Little Toe: ASOS Paints 'Olivia'

I've already worn 'Milan' as a pedicure and I have worn 'Cyan Blue' but didn't really rate it, so for this summer, I think I'll pass. I liked 'Bermuda Shorts' and 'Olivia' as well.

And this post lacks a snappy ending. Sorry. *wanders off for coffee*


  1. Haha, I love the warning! Is it bad that I think your toenails actually look really good with multicoloured polish? x

  2. Why do people have a problem with feet? I don't get it. Hands, feet. So?

  3. LOL! The warning is hilarious!
    And I agree with jaljen =]
    Your toes look pretty!

  4. Lol, love the warning, but your feet look great!
    I love bright coloured toes in summer, even better to used lots of bright colours! :)

  5. LOL! I love all these colours on you and yes, I'll join general consensus and say that all the colours together look fab!

  6. I like the red and blue best!! This is a really cute skittles mani.

  7. FEET! Well, at least you warned me. Gives me the crazies when the title says NOTD, I click it & there are feet looking at me!

    Love the ending ;D

  8. Really? Thanks Jenny! Idk, I thought people would think it was kinda cray cray (or just plain childish) but it's sort of growing on me. Actually, right now I have them painted a taupe colour, but I might return to the skittles before the end of summer!

    I don't really understand it either, Jaljen. One of my school friends is completely disgusted by feet, so much so that she has decided that she'll keep her shoes on no matter what...even in bed. Good luck with that, hun.
    I'm fine with feet as long as they don't look rank.

    Haha, thanks Sara. Glad you enjoyed!

    Thanks Gemx! I too love anything and everything bright in summer. Still not convinced about Cyan Blue as a pedicure colour, though!

    Woot! Thanks Robyn. Looking at the photos, 'Lily' looks almost like 'Spring Green' by Barry M in the second one! It seems to lose it's 'neoness' contrasted to 'Cyan Blue' which is suddenly really vivid and bright.

    Thanks ChaosButterfly! I've worn the red as a straight manicure colour and LOVED it, and did the same with the blue and was a little underwhelmed. May have to try it again!

    Looool, 25fLONDON. I couldn't think of a decent ending so was like 'Screw this, want caffeine' Surprise feet attack? I think everyone would hate me if I did that! Especially if they looked all manky like they did in my original 'warning, feet post'. SO gross.


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