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Posted by on Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On to a much owed review of MUA Cosmetics.

MUA have brought out a primer and a (matte) foundation as part of their Pro line, and I believe each are £4?


SAM_8636I'll start with the primer. I know Enigma didn't get on with this, but I actually thought it was alright! It looks like this when you apply it - a sort of translucent white.
I'd use slightly more than that amount to cover my whole face.
The directions on the back say that you can use it alone, or apply foundation over the top. As I'm not a big foundation wearer, I can't vouch for that, but alone it genuinely did brighten my skin and evened things out a little - not a huge amount, but still damn decent for a £4 primer. I know GOSH do one for at least double the price.
This is going to totally fail, but photos of it on my hand (which will most likely look the same):

Still wet:


Compare the dry with the original swatch of the primer. In real life, it was more even and looked smoother.
I find that after you've put this on, there is a five/ten minute waiting period for it to dry fully, during which it feels a bit tacky and odd. After that, it's weightless and you're good to go. All in all, I wouldn't mind repurchasing this! The fact that it just brightens up my face a little means it's great for those days where I want to conceal the fact that I've been up all night playing Assasin's Creed look less tired without having to apply and remove a full coverage foundation and concealer.

Now, the foundation. Hmm.

The shade I was sent was way, waaaaaay too light for me. I swatched it anyway, so you could get an idea of the shade:

Lol, yeah. Erm...I looked into the foundation range so I could buy a colour that actually fit me, but it turns out that there are only three shades. And none of them even come close.

Any UK beauty bloggers out there who think they'd fit Shade 2 (Honeycomb) comment with your email address and I'll send it to you if you'll cover postage (because I'm kinda broke right now, lol) and yeah, you can review it instead. If there are lots of people, I'll just randomly select.

I'm a tad disappointed to be honest, as the foundation looks incredibly promising - nice and thick, great coverage, and even the packaging feels luxe - but yeah, three shades won't cover most light skinned people, let alone we of the mysterious slightly less reflective skin type. Would love it if they'd bring out a few more shades in the future.


  1. Ooooooh I'd love to give it a go!!! I'm super pale so it might work for me lol :D It looks really almost white? Anyway give me an email, my paypal address is so you could maybe send me a paypal invoice with how much you want for postage? Let me know :) xxx

  2. You were first, it's yours :P Mind if I invoice and get your address tommorow? No school, lol :P

    It is VERY light. I hope it does work for you!

  3. Yay :D haha! Yeah that's absolutely fine :) Whenever you're free! Excellent, that's what I like to hear! I'll try and give it a good review for you and let you know my thoughts :)

  4. another great great great post. ooo what a shame about the honeycomb foundation. the primer looks really promising however xx

  5. I've never tried a primer before, for £4 I'm tempted to give it a go... do you think that primer would be any good for people with oily skin or is it super moisturising?
    Love your blog btw :)

  6. I can't stop laughing at that foundation on your arm. Why didn't they just send you another product? Bless you for trying to swatch it though.

    And the primer looks nice! That spot on your hand looks so velvety and smooth, I want to like rub it. I know that sounds awkward and scary...sorry about that. :(

  7. Thanks luxiehoney! It's pissing it down at the moment but I will post it for you today :)

    Thanks liloo! I know right, foundation shade is disapointing. But I am excited about the primer, especially as they give you such a great amount for the price. Cheapest on the market, I think - even cheaper than 17's!

    Serafina - I have dry skin. It was moisturising somewhat but not TERRIBLY moisturising. I'm not an expert but I think it would be alright for people with oily skin? It mattifies to an extent but I wouldn't expect that to last all day on an oily skin type. It contains silicones though, so it's pretty decent!

    Lol, ChaosButterfly :P It was a bit of a fail, wasn't it?
    They sent me quite a few, I don't think the person that sent it realised that I was black though! Ah well. It's a decent primer, I like it a lot!
    You're talking to the queen of awkward and scary, I'm never fazed :P I kept stroking it a la an evil villian stroking a cat in a spinny chair, so you're not the only one!

    Thank you for your comments, everyone!

  8. Ooh this primer looks good! x

  9. Give it a go, Jenny! It's great for the price.

  10. Think I should write a review of the primer. It did make your hand look matte, did it do that on your face as well?

  11. It did indeed, Enigma. I don't have massive oil control problems though so I don't know how it'd fare for someone else, but applied over my moisturiser, it worked really well. Made my face feel smooth!


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