A Week of Sleek: Sleek True Colour Lipsticks in "Earth" and "Cocoa"

Posted by on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Don't care if it's been name-jacked, I'm posting anyway. *childish tongue gesture*

The now discontinued Earth and Cocoa, perfect nudes for women of colour...I posted about it here. Not impressed. Ah well. Apparantly, there will be some brown type shades being launched later in the year, but they'll be on the website only - we'll see if Sleek keep to that. I hope they do, because I don't see these sort of shades often.

Cocoa is lighter than Earth, and it's a nude for me. I like to team it with really dark, dramatic eyes, and walk into school and be told to take the eye makeup off by lunchtime. BUT THE LIPSTICK IS SAFE. FOR IT IS NUDE.
*satisfied pose*
Seriously, I walk in with something that isn't brown and I get told to take it off. Mildly jealous of my lighter skinned friends for being able to get away with what is essentially fuschia because their lips are red to begin with.

Earth has a lot more red in it, I suppose that's reminiscent of like clay in the earth or something. I dunno. You can tell how in touch with nature I am...

Swatches - Cocoa is far right, then Earth.

 What I really dislike about these is the fact that you get so little product. Even the MUA lipsticks, which are only a pound each, give you a full sized product - these don't even fill up the tube and I always worry about them breaking.


  1. Why would they do that? :/ I love these shades, and when I was about to order them online both of these lipsticks were removed! I was quite sad. lol I hope they just bring these back.

  2. I'm not really sure, they said something about feedback from makeup artists and whatnot. Don't think they were selling that well :( I tried to order Cocoa recently, and it was sold out - very sad!

    If they bring these back later in the year I'd be pretty pleased, because they don't have colours like this in the new range!


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