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Posted by on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I recently got the opportunity to try some false eyeslashes from KKCenterHK. (Not an affliate link. There are no affliate links on my blog)

 Being somewhat of a newb to false lashes, I went with one of the more natural looking pairs. There are literally hundreds and hundreds on the website - in all different colours and styles, so there's something to suit everyone. I wanted some that I could wear to school without having the Head of Year asking me to remove my wall of lashes on the off chance that I blinked.

They're made of like a fine, plasticky material, and are very easy to put on (once you have the hang of it, that is...whole other story involving the worst eyelash glue I've ever used in my life, but that's another review) but I find the lash band can be slightly too long for my eye, so I trim them a little bit at the end depending on how close to my tear duct I've decided to place them. They're reusable, too, which is great. For the entire box (10 ~ 12 lash pairs) it's a pretty cheap price, I think around five to ten dollars? Depends which designs you choose. These were really cheap, like $5.


And some pictures of the lashes in action. Blurry, naturally. Sorry :P
The gold eyeliner is by BeautyUK (their Metallic Eye Sparks) and the black is Sleek's Ink Pot. I like the way it looks on, and it doesn't flake - but melting in the corner of my eyes is an issue...
I didn't mascara my natural eyelashes before I applied these ones, but they seemed to blend in quite nicely. To reuse them, I remove them carefully and then rub gently with some olive oil - this removes any persistant lash glue. Wipe down and replace in the container, and that way you can get quite a few uses. All in all, I think these are really good value for money.

I've recently opened up to the world of Asian webstores, and also have some stuff I purchased from a couple of others to show you at some point - BornPrettyStore, anyone? Wanted to see what all the hype was about...


  1. They look gorgeous on you! x

  2. Look fab! I was tempted by these ones but seeing them against your eye I dont think they would be longer than my natural lashes.

    I've used Born Pretty Store and I really like it, shipping to the UK is really quick compared to other places like eBay. Plus free p&p and cheap prices :)

  3. Your MU rocks, the lashes look lovely ;)

  4. You're lucky to have such nice natural lashes, Enigma! Mine work well with mascara but on their own they're PANTS. Barely viewable. Which is annoying because my brother has really long nice ones, and I'm like, "Why do you need those? You're a boy. Give them to me, gene stealer..."
    I've used them too! I love love love the fact that their shipping is free, and yeah, they are pretty cheap. Good store for nail stuff!

    Thank you, Anna! Lol, it's nothing compared to yours, this was a pretty weak effort :P I've gotten hooked on lashes now, so I'll be buying from KKCenterHK a lot more!

  5. Haha! "You gene stealer" true though, blokes don't need them! x

  6. wa~ that looks great! I've never used any fake eyelashes...but wanna try!


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