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Posted by on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And that statement is about to become a lie in three, two, one...

Well. Technically it's not even a press release, I just pinched some pictures off their Facebook and am posting because I am pretty excited about this launch! It's a lot of new stuff, all in one go, and I have some money so it's basically GOGOGO.

Long time followers will know that I am slightly in love with budget brand MUA, but I'll quickly recap for my lovely newer people too:

MUA are Superdrug's own brand. It stands for 'Make Up Academy' and basically, everything is a quid. Pretty fantastic, right?
Click the 'MUA' tag on this post to find examples of me praising them endlessly, but for a quick round up, I adore the eyeshadows, love the nail polishes, love the eyeshadow dusts but would like some more colours, 'eh' on the liquid eyeliner save the metallic ones and am yet to try the rest of the range. They've been around for about a year or so - soon after I started blogging, I remember being excited about their launch.

Recently, there have been mutterings of a Pro line (where the most expensive product is £4 - still pretty damn decent!) and we're finally making some headway because there are *images*. Ooh, exciting.

Teasing you with an old one, first - eyeliner pencils. These aren't in the new launch, but these are relatively new and I still haven't tried them, yet. Bagsie the white and the orange!

Foundation primer. This'll be £4, apparantly.

Crackle Nail Polish! I think this will probably be the cheapest on the market, depending how much BeautyUK are going to sell theirs for, and I'm loving the huge range of colours. I think this could be the 'ace' of the new releases, the crackle trend isn't showing signs of dying out as of yet.

Apparantly, there was a Superdrug event earlier this month (I hadn't seen details or coverage of it on a SINGLE blog, so had no idea they even did one, lol) and while I was randomly searching, I came across these photos of MUA's new products. This blogger takes great photographs, just saying.


That brown palette looks like an amazing nude. I. am. there. I also see some glitter shadows? Talk about something for everybody...I'm up for buying every single palette, even at the max price of £4. This is providing the pigmentation is good. I'll be really upset if it lets them down!


Eyeshadow trios. I'm not so enamoured with these, to be honest - not very much a fan of the baked formula, and the colours are so so, but I'll swatch them and make my mind up then.


I'm not entirely sure what the other items on the table are, but I'm speculating mascara, new lipstick or concealer shades, new blushers, bronzers...eyeshadow quads? Either way, loving the sleek and sturdier looking new packaging.

Can't wait for this to launch (1st of June, everyone! That's like, next week) and will sprint to Superdrug to check it out. Providing my local one gets it. If it doesn't, I may have to kick a small, furry animal.


  1. No!!! Don't hurt the SFA.

  2. I just blogged about the polishes :) don't kick an animal just get them told to stock them at a branch near you!

    I didnt know about the other stuff, think I might get the primer to try out too.

  3. LOL when I see pretty pictures of makeup (in high volumes, like of every color) like this I just want hoard them.

    Can you kick a stupid sales associate instead? :p

  4. It's a shame there's such a lack of internet presence for MUA - FB, twitter, etc. The new stuff looks great, really interested in the palettes - they look like they might come from the same factory as Sleek! And the pencils are, generally, fabulous! The orange and the malted chocolate shades are great.

  5. Jaljen. Nothing will get hurt, as long as they give me the makeup. THAT'S ALL I WANT. *weeps uncontrollably*

    I'll check out your blog post, Enigma! And lol, the general consensus is to leave the animal alone :P I'll back away.
    I've never tried a foundation primer before? As long as this one is clear, I'll give it a go.

    loodie - I have the exact same problem :P I just like colourful yet interestingly matchy things! Such a hoard mentality.

    Robyn - MUA have recently made a Facebook, but I agree that they need to get onto Twitter.
    If the palettes do come from the same factory as Sleek, I'll be both pleased and disappointed - while their shimmers are great, the pigmentation of their mattes isn't really that great. I know that with MUA's core line, their mattes really aren't too good so I'm hoping that a miracule will happen and they'll be good.
    Thanks for the recommendations! At only a pound, I think I'll have to pick those up...

  6. Models Own did say they were bringing out some other colour crackle ones but only online not in Boots. They still arent out though! I hadnt actually tried there black or silver ones because I got cheaper ones but thanks for letting me know. Hope the MUA ones are better :)

    I have used a primer by primark which was crap, and one by ELF which I really like. Hope that the MUA one is clear too because the primark one was pink undertoned and that didnt make for a good look!

  7. Ooooooh, the eyeshadow palette furthest to the left (with the blue, navy, light mustard-y colour) looks gorgeous :)

    And £4? I am ON IT.

    My exams finish on thursday, so I can just tell that, as a treat to myself, the half term will be spent buying copious amounts of cosmetics that I really don't need ;)


  8. I have been over-excited by this for about a month solidly now. I'm not kidding, roll on next week!

  9. I don't order online unless it's out of the country, really. Tough luck for Models Own :P These are cheaper anyway. If they're close quality wise, I can really live without the Models Own incarnations.
    I think I know the primer you mean though, Enigma. The brightening one, in the rip off Benefit packaging? Shame to hear it was crap, it was only like £3, wasn't it? Meh. That makeup line is a bit hit and miss - like the eyeliner pencils and a few other things, some of the products are just bizarre however (Eye Gloss?).

    Amy (thanks for leaving your name, now I can address you properly, lol) I will buy them all. They all look so awesome.
    Nice! Your exams finish nice and early :P Treat yourself - you deserve it! I'd be a hypocrite if I tried to talk you out of it, because I'm going to do the exact same thing after GCSEs are done!

    I'm so hyped, Jenny. The fact that the prices are fabulous only adds to my Christmas-like anticipation...


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