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Posted by on Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's a bit of a composite haul, as I bought three polishes in one session and two in the other, but Boots were doing 3 for 2 on Barry M Nail Paints - would have been rude not to! So two Barry M polishes - basically £6, which means this haul (minus the one polish that went into the giveaway) cost me £12? Not bad at all, for six Barry M nail polishes. Boots can actually be rather generous at times - compare this to Superdrug, who were doing 2 for £5 - only after you've spent £6 instore. Nowhere near as good - and these are offers running simultaneously!


From left to right: Dusky Mauve (Chanel Particuliere - how do you even spell that? - dupe) Lemon (from the Ice Cream Paints collection) Mushroom, Base/Top/Nail Strengthener and Black.

Lemon's formula isn't actually horrendous - shock horror - and Mushroom is the most GORGEOUS nude on me and people with my skin tone. Love love love. But obviously, there will be full swatches and reviews coming up.

But I LOVE Mushroom.


  1. i really love Barry M nail for it's colours, I wanted to try the Lemon, but after your comment on it's formula, I may give it a miss!!!! XXX

  2. Noo! The formula was actually quite good! Sorry, thought I made that clear, lol :P Do give it a go.

  3. Thanks Rai! What I love about Barry M is their huge shade range.

  4. I do love barry M's range of colours x

  5. I absolutely love Barry M - I somehow have collected 23 of their polishes haha. I love them all! Especially Blue Moon, Strawberry Ice Cream, Pink Flamingo, and Navy. And an old discontinued one which I love but will never find again :( xx

  6. Barry m does have nice colour I wish they sis some more glitters and duochromes.

  7. Same, Nicole! Especially their cremes.

    Wow - pretty nice collection, Emma. I need to try Pink Flamingo, I'm always at a loss for hot pinks.

    I like their glitter range, but I'd also love to see some more duochromes, Beautyshades. Then I'd probably never buy anywhere else, lol.

  8. I've yet to try Dusky Mauve, but I bought it for someone. Might have to buy it for autumn/winter - I'm feeling brights & pastels recently! I love the lilac shade from their Ice Cream range, I think it's called Berry. I've been wearing it non stop since I bought it last week :D

  9. Same, 25FLONDON! I've been wearing more brights, though, because I lack a lot on the pastel front. And I need to try that lilac shade because a few of my friends had it and it looked /gorgeous/. Want.

    I'll show you lemon, ChaosButterfly :P I really like it!


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