Still Beggin'

Posted by on Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yes, I clearly have my tramp on today.

Just a reminder to please vote for me (Sugar Cookie Cosmetics as the name) in the Bella Sugar Cosmetics poll. Pleeeeeeease. Linked here. It ends at midnight CST time, which is six hours after midnight for those of us in the GMT London time zone!

Thanks so much :)

EDIT: I didn't win, but thanks to all of you for voting anyway!


  1. i did i did vote for you Sugar Cookie is a cute twist

  2. peripatetic33 and jaljen, thank you SO much. Seriously. I'm planning a 200 follower giveaway with her products soon, actually. *paid for by myself, just saying*. So this means a lot to me. I <3 my readers.

  3. See, this is the problem when comments are automatically approved. No time to correct your mistakes, and when you delete a comment, it looks fishy.


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