So Kawaii - an Etsy Review

Posted by on Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm a total Etsy n00b, but when I saw these adorable creations on the Muse's giveaway post, I couldn't resist. My inner weeaboo still squees in delight when the word "kawaii" is applied to jewellery. I browsed beadpassion's Etsy shop and eventually decided on a cute chocolate chip cookie bracelet, which came with matching earrings. After I ordered, she convo'd me to say that there were some delivery delays in the UK and it might take a bit longer to come than expected (which was fine with me) and yeah! Incidentally, this and my Fyrinnae order came on the same day. O_o.

 I walked in the door from school, saw that there were letters on the table that weren't bills and pounced on them. Lucky I did, eh?
Do you see the Hello Kitty stickers that she included? I love Hello Kitty so this was immediate brownie points for her.
 I love the box. It's so thoughtful, with a little Christmassy bow on top and everything. Awesome packaging!
 So cute! I have to try and stop myself from like, eating them. They look really realistic.
 Helen glazed them for me at no extra charge :P I asked for them glazed because I just love shiny things. I've been wearing this to school (yes, we have strict "no jewellery except for one silver crucifix and two stud earrings for girls" policy and I was like "balls to that".) and it distracts me in Maths lessons. Best money that's ever been spent. It's so well made, and I didn't think it'd feel this light.
Free gifts! Seriously, beadpassion is the best and Helen is awesome. Thank you so much for making my first Etsy experience amazing!


  1. I'm thinking Ben & Jerry cookie dough now....Will check out beadpassion...

  2. they look edible! O_O amazing detail!!

  3. I love that ice cream flavour. Insanely expensive (for ice cream) but so, so good.
    Do it, jaljen. Dooooo it!

    I know right, xnosugaraddedx! It's incredible.


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