Bella Sugar's "New Year, New Name" Contest!

Posted by on Sunday, January 16, 2011

Below is reposted from Bella Sugar's blog:Hello lovelies!!!! Is every one ready for a contest???

We recently were informed by some lovely readers that there is a bloggy beauty thingy operating by the name BellaSugar. We do not want people to think that we are trying to use others for our own publicity (they have been around WAY longer than us), so we have decided to change our name. We decided that we should hold a little.... ok, huge.... contest to allow our fabulous customers to choose a new name. The rules are simple, and as follows:

1. Pick an original name that you think fits us well. We like anything sweets-related (cupcakes to be exact)! Please no obsecne entries.

2. Email your name idea to with your original idea, your name, your email, and your twitter/facebook/retweet/blog follow/blog post link. Make sure the subject line reads "New year, new name contest".

3. You are allowed one entry for the following:
A. Facebook follows
B. Twitter Follows
C. Retweets of contest tweet (Copy and paste in the email)
D. Mentions of contest in your blog (posts only, no sidebars. Link in email)
E. Blog follows

For better chances of getting picked, make sure you submit a different idea with every chance!!!!

What will you be winning???
A prize package of our goodies worth hundreds of dollars!!!! Total prize details will be listed in a new post.

How will we choose a name?
We won't! You will!!!! We will go through all the entries submitted and narrow it down to three we like. Then we will put it to a vote! The person who gets the most votes will win, so make sure you get as many people to follow via twitter, facebook, and blog as you can!!!!

How long do I have to enter?
You have until midnight (CST) January 16 to enter.

Good luck everyone!!!!!!

~ You'd best hurry though, that's in about six hours and thirty minutes for UK readers!

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