Laudation to Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy

Posted by on Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I recieved this about a week ago. It was the same day on which my beadpassion order came in, which was a convienient, if random detail.

 So this is basically a little pot of metaphorical gold. Like, the Elixir of Life for eyeshadows or something. It goes above and beyond all the hype, in my opinion. Let me demonstrate why:

 Below are some shades from Sleek's glitter terrorism Sparkle palette - Tinsel, Cranberry and Star Light (from left to right). While all but Star Light had incredibly pigmentation on their lonesome, the Epoxy really refines the colour and makes it more vibrant while holding onto the glitter to make it stand out more, and not causing you to be publicly humiliated.
Above are the shadows without any base or the Pixie Epoxy.
And again, with the magical potion. The difference is insane, and it makes applying shadow a lot easier.

I actually ordered two Pixie Epoxies (one for my mother, and one for myself) and my order came with a free sample of Polar Bear eyeshadow, which I got to swatch exactly once before my mother promptly relieved me of it. :( Anyway, it was gorgeous. 

Fyrinnae state that the Epoxy isn't intended to act as a primer, but I personally find that it holds shadow on me for even longer than my Elizabeth Arden Eye-Fix. Even though it's being posted from the USA, it's still far cheaper. Fyrinnae, in my eyes, are above and beyond most other mineral makeup companies. They've invented their own product and their postage charges are extremely reasonable.


  1. I love Pixie Epoxy! If you have normal or dry eyelids Pixie Epoxy works fine by itself. My sister has oily eyelids though and it creases quickly without a base.

  2. It's amazing, isn't it Serena? I love it too :P
    I think my eyelids are normal, since it works really well on me. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Argh I am dying to get some Fyrinnae. Hopefully for my birthday. :3

    Thanks for the demonstration!

  4. Dooo it, ChaosButterfly! I love my order.

    No problem! Thank you for reading.


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