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Posted by on Saturday, November 13, 2010

This serves as a foil for the bitch face I had on in my previous post but one. For this, ladies and gentlemen, is a beast product. Word.
I'm digging the packaging, Urban Decay. Though I haven't purchased any of their previous offerings, the Book of Shadows in particular strike me as having enough room to store a couple of games consoles and perhaps a small child. This is nice and sleek, though. The primer comes seperately in a nice velvety feel tray and the palette is very thin so it can fit in those abnormally small handbags that seem to be in fashion right now.
The colours. Wow. The real reason why I purchased this palette. Though you only get six shades (which pales in comparison to the Naked Palette, which has like twelve or something ridiculous like that for only £7 more) I'd actually wear every single shade in this palette which is why I bought it. I don't actually think I've seen a palette where I'd wear every shade before, from /any/ company. Usually they all include some light or white shade that I wouldn't wear or a glitter bomb or some colour that's just plain nasty. But like I said, this palette is hot. Plus I've been hearing rave reviews about the liner, which is very soft, and the primer potion, though I'd rather it came in the Original or Sin than this kinda grim matte one but whatever.
It fits a mirror into it's sleekness. DO YOU SEE IT?
Zoomed out slightly. I love all these shades, but Cobra looks like one of the more unique ones.
It's very black, which I approve of. I have a few "Eye/Lip liners" which I use currently as eyeliners that are more of a dirty grey shade than black. I've learnt to run a mile when I see something masquerading as a eye/lip liner as it usually fails at both. One particular one basically melted off my face once the clock went quarter past three. Not a good look, let me tell ya.
You see my Frankenstein nails creeping in the foreground?
This swatch looks so unpigmented but it's seriously black in person. My camera skills are poor.
These are the dry swatches. From right:
Black Dog, (matte black) Barracuda, (black based silver) Jet, (practically Asphyxia in loose pigment form but darker, but it's a sort of black based purple) Sabbath (black based blue), Cobra, (think tarnished gold coins or something, very nice black based gold) and Libertine (black based green).
Pigmentation is excellent but I'd expect nothing less for £23.50. Plus train fare -.- /forever bitter about the fact that I couldn't purchase this in my local Boots and had to go all the way up to the huge city.

A lovely family picture of them all together for your time.
Lipglossiping's post is what made me want to purchase this initially (I've been lemming it basically since the summer) and she applies it over Pixie Epoxy and wow. Just wow. It's stunning. Unfortunately, I don't actually own any Pixie Epoxy so when I eventually get round to ordering from Fyrinnae I'll pick some up and see how the shadows look applied over it. EDIT - totally do now, and I love it.
Isn't it clever! The primer potion sort of sits there, chillin', until you decide to use it. I've heard god awful things about cutting these up and scooping primer out and all sorts of madness so I'm sticking with my usual primer until that runs out. And then I'll buy ELF's one and use that. This is going to be reserved for special occasions.
I couldn't resist temptation though, so I tried it out just once. It kept the shadows (not the ones in this palette, it was a cream eyeshadow and then a matte black) without any form of creasing for most of the day. It creased in the end but didn't really fade as such so yeah, great sucess. I approve of this product.
Don't approve of the colour though I mean ew. Looks nasty on me, especially as it leaves tidemarks. If your skin colour matches this then I guess you could have it double up as a concealer, which would be quite handy (and expensive).
Why is the applicator angled so? It makes a nasty POP! noise when you pull it out of the container and it scares me a little :(
All in all this product is good job. Good job, I tell you. If you're into this sort of thing, I suggest you purchase.

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