School Konading

Posted by on Thursday, November 11, 2010

 It was a Tuesday when I did this look, and I felt like pushing the boundaries somewhat so I came up with this.
 It's basically a sheer, french manicure type polish from Nails Inc (Sloane Mews) and the Konading is the ASOS Paint Alexa. I told you they were pigmented, didn't I? But I didn't realise just how good they were for stamping. They've surprised me, I have to admit - I thought it was all pretty bottles and no actual substance, but hey!

Thought I'd zoom in on the little finger design just for lolz.
Anyway. School appropriate look (ish) that lasted well chip wise.


  1. Very like the Lancome rose. Well, a bit....
    You got away with it then?

  2. Ooh, never thought about it like that! Now you say it, I see it :P

    Yeah, I did. The form tutor took a glance and then walked off. Great success :P

  3. Nice mani! Simple but very elegant!


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