More Halloween Nails

Posted by on Monday, November 01, 2010

 Yeah, I did another set lol. Only I did these before Halloween but posted them after like the uncool person I am. And my photo taking sucked as well because these were on my right hand and it's incredibly awkward for me to take photos of that hand without having the aforementioned hand turn into a creepy claw like appendage.
What do you think? BeautyUK's Slate, Miss Sporty Nail Polish in Black and this white one I got from a manicure set in Poundland.

Note - students, be wary of people offering you sweets. One of my friends offered me one today and I ate it and then threw it at him because he'd painted it with that Stop N Grow stuff some people put to stop themselves biting their nails. VILE. And my aim sucks so it only bounced of his jumper. Someone else that he did it to managed to get him in the head with it, and he said it hurt, though, which I found incredibly funny. So yeah. Beware, I telleth thee.


  1. ewww! your friend did that to a piece of candy & gave it to you?! gross!!! but i like the mani! the ghost is awesome!! :D

  2. I like it!!
    The ghost looks so adorably angry, lmao.

    EW at your friend!! That stuff is so nasty....why would he ruin a perfectly good candy like that? :(

  3. I know right Katrina! It was grim lol :P But thanks!

    Lol! "Adorably angry" what a great saying :P Thanks ChaosButterfly.
    And I know! I would have come out with the "starving third worlders" line at him but I thought he had punishment enough with the fact that I'd lobbed it at his head lol


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