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Posted by on Sunday, November 07, 2010

- No, I haven't forgotten about the giveaway lol, and also I still need to do one of those "November" posts. It's all coming lol :P

 So anyway. I bought this ages ago from Poundland, where as I'm sure you've all guessed, everything costs one or less of your finest British pounds.
 I wasn't actually sure what to expect when I got these - I was a false nail virgin up until I put these on. So inside the packet, you have about two or three different thicknesses and curve...nesses for your nails. I appreciated this as newborn children have wider nail beds than I so I could find nails that fit. So far, so good. At first, I only put a little bit of glue. I soon realised my folly.
 The next day, mother dearest wanted us to go shopping (this was during the Half Term break) and so I was like, "Fine, whatever, only if you buy me pizza." As I was putting the shopping bags in the boot of the car (because we are THAT eco-friendly, we take our own shopping bags and look all self-righteous and that) disaster struck. The middle fingernail flew off and landed unceremoniously on the floor. Boo. Then I realised that I needed more glue. So I reglued it on using a lot more glue. Same for all of the fingers actually. So if you're planning on purchasing these, don't hold back glue wise or don't use the glue supplied.
 Check out the length on these!
They made my fingers look really nice and glamourous, but I hadn't realised just how much of a pain having incredibly long, potentially breakable fingernails is. Take typing. The keys on my laptop are dumb anyway, let alone with those nails. How was I meant to touch-type with those beasts? I had to resort to the "two fingers" method.

Great for scratching though. :D
The glue supplied ^ It actually smelt and felt a lot like superglue, which I have been intimately acquainted with on many an occasion, which left me slightly worried, but it did come off. Eventually.

Yes. The removal.
I took these off about two days after I put them on because the fact I couldn't type properly really bugged me and also I had tried to paint them, removed the polish with non-acetone remover (I double and triple checked that it was indeed acetone-free) and yet it removed the white part of the nail and left the false nails a lot softer and weaker than they had been previously, which I wasn't pleased about seeing as it said on the packet that you could use acetone-free remover on them. So I soaked them in acetone remover and it took ages for them to come off (had to use the orange stick in the packet to prise them off my fingers) and loads of glue was left over which then had to be scraped off. All in all, it's kind of a "well what do you expect for a pound?" type deal. *shrugs*


  1. lol, I love the way you write. It just makes me laugh out loud for real. You know, I was wondering for the longest time what the heck "Poundland" was. Didn't realize it was a store! We've got something like that too- it's called DollarTree. I love buying cheapo things and trying them out. For only a pound, those nails didn't look half bad.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The review is very helpful. The nails look amazing :) You are right! It is giving your fingers a neat and glamorous look ^_^

  3. @Starving Nail Addict: Lol thanks! I just read back through it and thought, "Oh no, it sounds like a fanfic! Perhaps I should edit it drastically so I don't sound so pretentious." but your comment has made me smile so thanks :P
    Yeah, Poundland is a store (I swear every town has one) where you can buy like cheap food, cosmetics, toiletries and other unnecessary things lol. I think I've seen DollarTree around on the blogosphere, yeah the two sound similar lol :P And same. Cheapass forever!

    @Sara.H: Thanks very much! Glad that it could be of some help lol :P They're not too shabby for a £1 are they? lol!

    @Callie: Thank you! Lovely name, by the way :)

  4. Thankyou for this!!!
    I just googled allura nails to check out what theyre like because my normal nails i get done in the salon are coming off and being a student too i dont have the money to get new ones!
    i was worried about them coming off but sounds like they stick quite well if you use a lot of glue!
    thanks sweetie!!!

  5. I'm so glad that it helped, Amber! Your comment means a lot!

    Yeah, they stick well as long as you're generous with the glue. I do like them. I've just repurchased them actually. I'm going to trim them a bit so that I can keep them on longer and see how long they last!

    Good luck with your studies, Amber!

  6. On your hand the nails look pretty natural but u are right about the glue though it does smell like superglue and I used a BC bodycare nail glue in pink it dries out clear though lol

  7. It actually burns my eyes and nose a little, Anon - not nice at all! Thanks for the tip about the alternative glue.

  8. No problem guide to nail polish I hope u find it helpful!

  9. I have tried these nails before and ur right the genourous amount of glue is a good idea but for a pound its amazing value


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