Urban Decay Dupe Alert (Apologies for last night guys, you do not realise HOW angry I was)

Posted by on Saturday, July 03, 2010

So I was browsing through my stash when I realised...
I already owned Graffiti, in the form of Grassy by Bella Sugar Cosmetics.
In real life, there is virtually no difference. Grassy on the left, Urban Decay on the right. Texture wise, I can't really compare as Grassy is a pressed eyeshadow while Graffiti is a loose pigment. I've got to say that Grassy is easier to use simply because Graffiti has such a difficult, inbuilt brush to work with. Still, if you were looking for a cheaper alternative to Graffiti, Grassy as a single is about $6 from Bella Sugar Cosmetics.

I decided to swatch Asphyxia, as well, to see if I could find a dupe in my (not very large) collection.
Asphyxia on the /right/ and Sprinkles on the left. They're nowhere near the same.

 (left to right) Sprinkles, Asphyxia and Unnamed (also from the Bella Sugar Palette).

Nope. I don't think I have anything quite like it. I'm quite stunned by just how similar Grassy and Graffiti are, though.

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