Primark Essentials Loose Pigments/Eyeshadow Dusts

Posted by on Sunday, July 04, 2010

So you get two pigments in a glass jar (plastic lid) for one pound. Bargain! I picked up three.
My pretties, all lined up obediently.
The "Eyeshadow Dust" sticker on the top is placed really lopsidedly. Irritates me no end. But the actual colours are alright.
It looks like you get more of some pigments than of others but I think it's something to do with how they settle during transit. The gold and the black at the end are definitely my favourites. I don't know if you can see the gorgeous silver sparkles in the black but it's really something. Would make a good liner shade or blended with the gold as an eyeshadow colour.
Above is a picture of the pigments swatched dry (in the order that they are pictured in in their jars). As you can see, the colour of the green fades away into silver and the purple and the blue also lose some pigmentation. But...
Wet, these babies are gorgeous. Sadly the green remains as a silver but the colours of the other colours really does pop. I think I'll use these foiled over a thin layer of Eye Gloss. As you get quite a bit of pigment in each jar, you could also use them for frankening! Primark do a clear nail varnish (10ml, I think) as part of their Essentials range but you could also use the bottles of MUA clear polish which have surprisingly good lasting time (they're also a pound). It's up to you really.


  1. The gold is spectacular. Good shopping.

  2. Thanks jaljen! I was actually quite impressed with these considering they were two for a pound. The only annoying thing is, not all Primarks have a make up range...I had to travel to a huge one in the city because my local one didn't do them.

  3. OMG, just look at the gold!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I'm commenting after so long :( But life is crazzzzzzzyyyyyy......Cuz of, u know.....stuff....*cough*guy*cough* :P

  4. Lol thanks Rhea! And yey, you're back! I've been wondering where you were for ages :P

    Ooh. Did I just hear the word guy? What's your twitter, I've just got it and now I want to use it :P

  5. *stares innocently* who said the word guy? not me. LOL!

    My twitter is ChainNailBlog, but I access it only like, once or twice a month or somethin.....

  6. Lol! :P OK, fair enough, I've emailed you on Gmail, do you check that?

  7. Yup, in fact I've replied already :P

  8. I'm really going to pick these pigments up when I'm in Newcastle this month :)

  9. You should Spaceinvaders! I find the gold and black ones are very pigmented even while dry but the light green and light blue one look better when foiled. Thanks for your comment, by the way!


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