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Yes I wore both of these to school :P Sorry for the seriously poor quality, guys, I don't know how to crop full face ones so yeah :P

This one was done with a Primark eyedust (the black one) which actually has quite a lot of nice sparkles in it :D The blue eyeliner is Primark also, and that was a total DREAM to work with. You have no idea. It went on soft, sharpens beautifully, pigmented...argh. Love. Love love love. It was 50p (two in a packet and one packet is a pound) and I need to get more. Jeez.
These were done with the Sleek Circus Palette (review coming soon). I used the orange and purple from this palette. Again, they were really good to work with (though the orange was slightly chalky to work with). You can't see it in these photos but the purple has a gorgeous shimmer to it that contrasts with the matte orange.


  1. Love the blue eyeshadow, The orange/purple is a nice combo.

    Checkout my first EOTD, girl I need help taking eye pictures too :)

  2. Thanks rmcandlelight! I'll check out yours too. Thanks for the comment!


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