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Posted by on Sunday, April 08, 2012

I remember these being on some sort of offer when I bought them, maybe 3 for 2 or something along those lines. Out of five shades in the range, I picked up Honeymoon Kiss (deep, purple/red), Gossip Kiss (juicy coral, bordering on orange) and Sweet Kiss (light pink)


They smell like watermelon or bubblegum (can't make up my mind as to which, bearing in mind I consume neither) which seems to be a theme throughout all Miss Sporty lip products - read back to my review of their 'Bubblegum' lipstick and I wondered whether it was a one off to fit with the name.
None of the balms seem to taste of much though.


It was probably really unnecessary to buy these in different colours because they really are quite sheer. Observe:


Sweet Kiss:

Gossip Kiss:

Honeymoon Kiss:
This one was more pigmented, so got a snazzier picture.

They feel pretty soft and moisturising, and you can layer for a little more colour (not much, but the option is there). The balms don't feel like they're choc full of petroleum (cough, Mirror Shine lipsticks) and I've never felt like they're going to break or melt if I transported them in a pocket (cough COUGH, Mirror Shine lipsticks!) so for those reasons alone, I'm very happy with them. I also like the shape of the bullet which allows for a little more precision during applicaiton. Low maintenance lip balms that do the job? Yes please.


  1. lol. love the coughing about the Mirror Shine lipsticks. haha. but anyways, a lovely review! I'd love a slightly tinted lip balm :D


  2. Much as I like them, I won't be buying any more, Imah Ayub! Too fussy, waxy smelling/tasting and melt far too easily. I've already destroyed Beehive...

  3. I like the idea of them and have tried them in store but the colours arent that nice. MUA love hearts Lip balm is amazing and much better x

  4. I've got two of the Love Hearts lip balms yet to try, inge.hooper! I'll post about them shortly, still need to take pictures.


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