GOSH Soft 'n' Shine Lip Balms Supermassive Long, Picture Heavy Rave and Review

Posted by on Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am not joking. This has a silly amount of pictures. If you have a slow, rubbish laptop/PC like mine, please leave because you will be waiting for my pictures to load until your next birthday or something.


Superdrug has set up a dedicated stand for certain GOSH products that I think they're phasing out (or perhaps have all simultaneously come dangerously close to their expiry date, I dunno) and are selling them at half price. So these lip balms come in at £3, and I used my Superdrug voucher for an extra 10% plus my NUS card on top of that to bring it to a 20% discount on the total price. If they had more, I would have bought them - as it stands, I've managed to get back ups for Soft Touch and Kiss, but that's it. I've checked three different Superdrugs as well :(

I can't remember which blogger it was (swear it was A Vain Woman, but after checking her blog it doesn't appear to be) that posted about these initally, but the review was so convincing that I really wanted some. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any (and the price point was a bit steep anyway) so I soon left it alone. Fast forward to very recently, when I discover that they're on sale (so basically free) and all the old memories came flooding back. I slow-mo bounded towards them with an orchestral score in the background, young loves reunited...
^The shades I managed to rescue.

Some woman and her kid were in the way of the stand so I (politely) shoved them out of the way and got to work, taking all the unopened ones there. Woman and kid were opening the lipbalms and swatching them on their greasy hands. GROSS. STOP. I don't want to buy that if you've done that with it. Vile.

They're slightly vanilla scented but don't taste of anything.

One of the things that attracted me greatly was the classiness of the packaging. It's so sleek and functional - slips easily into a pocket, makes for precise application - that it looks more expensive than it actually was. These are the poor man's MAC Slimshines. I wanted to invest when MAC brought out Korean Candy but GOSH's Irony is just as good, aesthetics wise. I've renamed it Korean Candy and talk to it softly at night.


Left to Right: 30 Barbie, 31 Passion Pink, 32 Angel, 33 Scarlet (which is not scarlet at all and confused me greatly)

More gratuitous shots of the gorgeous:

Hand swatches!
Left to Right: 30 Barbie, 31 Passion Pink, 32 Angel, 33 Scarlet
Same lip balms in a different light:

Left to Right: 35 Antique Gold, 36 Mocha, 37 Soft Touch, 40 Irony, 41 Kiss

Lip swatches (I did warn you that it was going to be a long one):

30 Barbie
Barbie is a sheen finish light pink, leans towards lilac in some lights.

31 Passion Pink
It's passionate all right. Hot pink/fuschia blend! Doesn't go on the lips quite as smoothly as Barbie but feels good and moisturising nonetheless.

32 Angel
Quite similar to 37 Soft Touch, but with a little gold shimmer.

33 Scarlet
Same as before, 34-001
Like a darker version of Barbie...probably don't need both.

35 Antique Gold
One of the most unique colours in the range, you can tell from the bullet that it has a very fitting name...brown base, lots of gold/green shimmer. More flattering than it sounds!

36 Mocha
A very flattering 'jelly nude' (nice and translucent) on me, it's got a hint of pink in there which keeps it looking lifelike rather than corspelike. I like, I like a lot.

37 Soft Touch
As I said earlier, similar to Angel. A browny/purple/pink type colour, which looks pretty natural on the lips.

40 Irony
My cheapass Korean Candy, this looks orange on other people but coral/peach on me? Can't work that one out. Anyway, this is one of the least pigmented that I own, but it looks so cool in the tube that I can't help but love it.

41 Kiss
Insanely bright, pigmented neutral red! This is one in the line that I'd recommend having a mirror to apply.

These balms leave my lips feeling pretty moisturised, on top of the awesome colour/cool packaging factor. Taking into account the discounted price I paid, win win. Had I paid full price...not so much.

I love tinted balms, but dislike pot/finger application, so to have even more pigmented balms in stick form is exciting to me. GOSH, you have done well with these.

Anyone else seen these on sale?


  1. Great post! I'll be investing in these instead of the Revlon Lip Butters (which are way too shimmery/glittery for my taste). Let's hope I can find them somewhere in London! My favourite's have to be Mocha and Kiss =)

  2. I absolutely LOVE Barbie on you!

  3. Thank you, asmaa! I was initially so interested in the lip butters, but after some mediocre reviews and looking at them myself, I've decided to pass. Mocha and Kiss are some of my favourites, too :P I also like Irony!

    Thank you, jaljen! I do wear it occaisionally, but find it a little bright so it is quite rare!

  4. I bought 2 of these today for 99p each :D I got the shades Aubergine and Perfect Plum! xxx

  5. I recently discovered these in North America. I'm so sad they're discontinued, as I wasn't a lippie person before trying these. I really want a backup of Scarlet, but there are none to be found!

  6. Wow, 99p! Does anyone want to do a mini swap with someone in Canada?

  7. 99p? Great price, Jess. Aubergine and Perfect Plum sound right up my alley actually, I quite like plum sort of shades on lips! Would love to see photos if you have any because I haven't come across those two shades in my travels!

    I know right, BooBooNinja! I don't get why they've discontinued them, the formula and colour range is spot on...the only colours I've managed to get back ups for so far are Kiss and Soft Touch, clearly I need to scour eBay for more :/

  8. Hey great post! I have been trying to find these here in UK. I have tried mocha 36 and I absolutely love love love it! Is there any substitute for this one?

  9. Hey Great post!

    I have been trying to find these here in UK but no luck. I have tried mocha 36 and I absolutely love love love it! Is there any substitute for this one?


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