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Posted by on Thursday, March 22, 2012

this is an eyelash post.

I used my college production of We Will Rock You as an excuse as an opportunity to explore the glorious world of false eyelashes. Up until now, I had one box of upper and one box of lower lashes, both from KKCenterHK (review is linked) and felt it was time to branch into some more daring styles. On a student budget. Henceforth.


False eyelashes, ordered from eBay. The seller I bought these from sold them for about £6 or so? That's the price I paid for all five boxes (I think) as the lower lashes came seperately. They had plenty of styles to choose from, but I was a little worried about how the lash bands would feel. I hate feeling false lashes on my eyes, especially as I wear contacts, so suspected the bands might be too thick and heavy for my eyes. Luckily, this wasn't a problem with most of the styles.


It's not really a secret to regular blog readers that I enjoy Korean popular culture immensly, so I mostly chose styles that reminded me of the false lashes my favourite Korean celebrities wear. I'm quite the fan of Korean and Japanese street fashion, as well, and the criss cross lashes in particular struck me as 'gyaru' in look. Look out for an inferior recreation of aforementioned looks on the blog, haha.


I ordered a natural pair for everyday wear. Obviously, not to be worn everyday. Just for when I want a little extra 'lift' to my lashes, as they're not particularly curly and I don't have an eyelash curler, lol.



I've nicknamed these 'Baby TOWIE'. They're quite dramatic, something I would either wear for a nighttime party or cut in half and worn on the outer corners.


These are another pair of 'gyaru' looking lashes...I'm envisaging these teamed with circle lenses and a golden eye pencil. Peachy lips and orange blush? Could work, could work.


Criss cross lashes. The curve on these isn't fantastic (they're not very well shaped) but some subtle stationary work (think strategic scissor usage and bending the band around a pencil) and these are wearable. I've worn these as half lashes and quite like them, they've got a lift about them that isn't especially obvious but just adds to the look.

If you were wondering what the title reference is all about, it's dedicated to the flawless Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her second single;

I don't think you could cram more eyelashes into that video.


  1. The criss-cross eyelashes are supposed to be in this year! Do you think you could put some pictures on showing the eyelashes on?

    I find sometimes that they are too long when you put them on and too fake looking, just curious to how natural some of them look :)

    Nice post :)


  2. I'd finally be on trend for once, BlightedBeauty! And by that, I mean not two years late like usual...

    I'm working on a post with me wearing all the eyelashes, so expect that in the coming weeks! Some that I've tried look really fake and obvious, but then again sometimes that's a look I want to wear, say on a night out or at a special event. I lean towards natural though, because I don't really like feeling anything on my eyes and the heavier styles tend to weigh a lot, in my experience.


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