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I felt the need to order yet more E.L.F. I can't remember exactly what the promotion was this time, probably either free shipping or some percentage of money off, but I ordered.


As with my previous experience, postage was nice and speedy. I think this took about three days to reach me?

I was so enamoured with my Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in 'Berry' that I ordered another in 'Romantic Rouge'

Had also heard people raving about the Studio HD Face Powder, so that went in the cart, along with some more brushes. I find E.L.F brushes hit and miss. One had the handle and ferrule seperate as soon as I took it out of the packet, and several more feel a bit wobbly, but their angled blush/bronzer/contour brushes are so good I ordered two more.


As I always promise but rarely deliver, full reviews coming soon? I need to examine my E.L.F brush collection in depth and talk about it, as some of it is 'meh' but much of it is 'YEAH'.


  1. LOL with e.l.f. it doesn't even matter what the promo is, since they always have something going on on every day of the year ahahaha.

    I really want to try their balm though, and I love their HD powder. If I've been taking good care of my skin, some primer and a dust of the powder makes it look almost perfect.
    Can't wait to see what you think of it.

  2. Exactly, ChaosButterfly :P Makes it even more affordable though, which in this current climate I can only view as a positive thing.

    Their balm works wonders on my lips! But what, you don't put any BB Cream/Foundation/Concealer underneath? It's that good?

    I've been using it over my pressed powder and I like it, but recently my skin has been poo poo so what I need to do is pamper it and then try your way. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I'd love to see some reviews!

  4. I'm working on the HD Powder one as I type, Jennifer!


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