No7 Stay Perfect Eye Pencils in "Purple" and "Blackest"

Posted by on Saturday, February 05, 2011

I purchased these during their £5 off voucher promotion thing that they do at least four times a year. One wonders how they make any money but whatever.


Above and below are "Blackest". When I saw the name in store, I thought it was going to be a plain, jet black eyeliner, but it actually has noticable glitter in it, which would make this unsuitable for the waterline. I find Blackest in particular intensely creamy, perhaps even more so than Zero (Urban Decay). It makes for a really intense, black line, but not particularly precise. I imagine that these would require refrigeration before one attempted to sharpen them, they're that soft.


This is "Purple". On my hand, it looks fine, but I find it just looks like blah once on my eyelid. It would make for a softer look than black, so appropriate for school makeup looks as it's less obvious than jet black liner.


This has hints of glitter too, but it's a lot smaller than the glitter contained within "Blackest" and it's predominately red, pink and green. The glitter in "Blackest" is mostly silver, with some flashes of red and green.


One thing I'm really happy about is that once you've given these liners a minute or so to dry down, they refuse. to. budge. No more finding half your eyeliner in your tear duct by lunchtime, no more smudges etc. They're pretty much bulletproof. I've been rubbing the swatch on my hand constantly and it's not moving. Nice.


I dig these liners, even at the full price of £7.75. I personally think that they're worth the money!


  1. Excuse the poor and uncomfortably big eye swatches :/

  2. These look great. Can't believe I didn't think to buy them when I had the voucher. I'll definitely get some next time they run the offer though!


  3. VERY Cleopatra. I like both looks but the purple has the edge for me.

  4. Do it, Sammersauras! They're really good. I nearly forgot as well, oddly it was my Mum returning home with three of these that prompted me into buying them :P

    Thanks so much jaljen! I see what you mean, the glitter in "Blackest" is very obvious.


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