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Posted by on Saturday, February 05, 2011

I bought the silver one and the purple one in my most recent haul. I've already complained about the shoddy packaging (linked). There are four colours in the range (the other two colours are an olive green and a gold, which I think I'll pick up later if they're still on promotion)

These are chunky eye pencils which feel nice and satisfying to use. They can be worn for a hint of colour along the lashline, but I mostly use these as bases for matte eyeshadows. Lasting power is pretty decent - it doesn't crease throughout my six, sometimes seven hour days at school, and tends to fade in the evening rather than crease. I do find it hard to apply normal (pencil) eyeliner if I've gone a bit heavy on my application of this product, though. I don't know why that is :P Worn alone, these crease pretty quickly. Two hours, maybe? On me, at least.

I think the purple is my favourite, colour and application wise. Both of them work well under matte or almost matte shades that need something to adhere to, and do make shadows appear slightly more vibrant.
The only problem is, I don't think I possess a sharpener large enough to sharpen them :P


Sadly, it's not all good news. When I went to use the silver one for the second time, this happened:


I wasn't impressed either. At full price, these are £2.50, which is around the price of a single NYX Jumbo pencil when bought from most UK eBay sellers. These come in quite a limited range of shades, though, and I don't like my products breaking on their second use. I haven't personally tried any NYX products so I can't compare their longevity, but for now these are probably the closest affordable drugstore option the UK has got.

EDIT - There are five colours in the range. Fail on my part :P

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