Sleek MakeUP 'The Berry Collection'

Posted by on Sunday, December 18, 2011

Don't care how late to the party I am on this one. It's awesome.


£10 from Superdrug, this was a birthday present from my lovely siblings. The set consists of a blush, a lipstick and an eye pencil.



I'm enjoying this a lot more than Sleek's holiday offering from last year, the Sparkle palette. To me, it feels like better value for money (buying a blush, an eye pencil and a lipstick from Sleek seperately would cost you more than £10) and they're all full sized products, not to mention imminently more useable than a palette full of glitter.


Left to Right: Fenberry Blush, Cranberry Lipstick, Mossberry Eyeliner
I actually find it hard to go overboard with my application of this blush, even though it's as pigmented as all the others in the range. There's something about the dark, dusky finish that just looks more natural than the others in my collection. That may just be a skintone quirk, though - I'm thinking that if you're lighter or have different undertones then you may need to exercise caution with this just as with any other darker blush.

While the Eye Kohl (Mossberry) is pigmented on any other part of my body, I find when I apply it to the eye I'm just not getting the pigment out. It's too hard to press effectively on such a delicate area, which I found a bit of a shame. I've got no problems wearing that colour near my eyes, however.

Instead, I've used it as a lip liner in these (seriously poor) photos. It matches the lipstick really well and has decent lasting power, so why not?


The lipstick, Cranberry, is described as matte, but I don't find that entirely true. It seems like a cross between Sleek's Sheen formula and their old matte formula for their pre-revamp True Colour lipsticks. It's more moisturising and appears slightly more glossy than a pure matte lipstick, but still has the lasting power required to make it through a few drinks (I tested this out in the name of blogging, by the way. College Christmas party on Monday...enough said, really.)

Anyone else have this one?


  1. I realllllly want the kohl pencil from this set :)

  2. I'm imagining you doing a look with it now, SilhouetteScreams :P It's the sort of colour that you could rock easily.


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