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My Mum recently gave me a mini bottle of an OPI polish that she wasn't keen on the colour of. That was my first experience of an OPI product for myself, actually.



 Unfortunately, I don't actually know the name of this polish as OPI don't put names on the bottle of their mini polishes...can anyone help me out here?

These are adorable. Will probably get used up in three or four more applications, of course, but they're just so cute.


It's not too visible in the swatches, but there is a faint silver shimmer running through the polish. Not the most unique colour, but a good staple that I've been lacking in my collection for some time. I don't own many pink polishes, strangely enough.

And yes, those are moustaches on my nails. I did these on the last day of Movember.


  1. I don't know the name of it either but I like the colour and the moustaches on the nails! xo


  2. The mini OPI's claim to last 10-15 full manicures, depending on nail length.

    I think it might be 'My Address is Hollywood'?

  3. Thanks, Sarah!

    Really, Enigma? My nails are quite short then, so maybe they'll go for twelve or thirteen. My Mum wore it twice before deciding she wasn't keen and giving it to me, and her nails are quite a bit longer than mine. Thanks for sharing the info, though.

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  5. Yeah I wouldn't have thought that but that's what a OPI saleswoman was saying on QVC the other day :)

  6. QVC! My Mum is a bit of a fan of that channel :P That's how she ended up buying her first OPI set. Like you said, I do think it depends on nail length mostly.

  7. If you want to know the name of it there should be a code thing printed onto the bottle, only a few digits long. Google it and it should come up, it's worked for the few mini's I have :)

  8. OMG! How cute are these!!! LOVE THEM!!:) xx

  9. Hi there, it's to me looks like opi 'flower to flower' from the summer flutter collection of 2010 x

  10. I think it's strawberry margarita from best of the best collections

  11. Thanks for the tip, JadeyLou! Will try it out :P

    I know, they're adorable, Tereza! (love the spelling of your name, by the way)

    Thanks, SuzanneM and Anonymous!

  12. Not sure which is which, though :/ Mum didn't buy the best of best collection, Anonymous, so I'm slightly more inclined to go with Suzanne's suggestion!


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