Wilkinson's 4 Way Nail Buffer

Posted by on Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is actually a repurchase.


89p at Wilko will get you this fabulous four way nail buffer. Complete with handy instructions on the back!

Start with black, to take down length (though I find the grit on it is really rough - practically sandpaper! So I use my own files instead) move onto blue, to smooth out ridges. Pink begins to produce a shine while still evening out the nail plate - a sort of intermediate stage - and the grey makes everything wonderful and shiny. Can't say much fairer than that.


I've been using this for my buffing purposes for a while now, though I'm tempted to try out No7's offering when the vouchers roll around again. What are your favourite nail buffers?


  1. I love buffers and agree, the 'shaping' side is rubbish, no matter which brand it is. My current favourite is froma local brand, LOOK by BIPA, which I especially like because the roughest buffing side is quite large and thus perfect for evening out the surface of a patched nail. This is the only thing I use buffers for, really, my natural nails are very thin so I don't try and make them even thinner.

  2. I only just started using a buffer as I thought it would make my nails too thin. Can't even remember where I got it. Boring items so they need to be cheap.

  3. Good to hear this one is better than the poundland offerings. I really like the models own one but this is a better price so will be getting one soon! :)

  4. A 6-way nail buffer very similiar to Titania's one.
    Those two are the only ones that don't feature a sandpaper-like side :| - I have no idea why companies do that! (Actually, I have - it's cheaper, and people will buy it even like that.) Those remind me of wood files we made in one class - and mine was far gentler!
    The Titania's one is around 2 pounds and mine had been around 66 pennies.

  5. yeah i got the same kind...:)

    plz check out my new post if u like...:)

  6. I really need to get into using nail patches, CucumPear, because I do have tears and breaks quite often and it breaks my heart to have to cut them all down :(

    I think it only makes your nails really thin if you do it very often. On the back of that buffer packet, it said something like no more often than once or twice a month? That's how often I do mine, and I haven't had any problems yet, Jaljen. And yes, they are boring :P Tempted to bling mine out with rhinestones or something but they're disposable.

    Enigma, it is SO MUCH BETTER. I get angry when I think about those pitiful Poundland "buffers". Aish. Models Own have a buffer? Is it good?

    Six way? That's pretty cool, Ana! I agree, the sandpaper like side is awful and downright dangerous. You could do some serious harm to your nails with that! If I want sandpaper, I'll nick it from the Technology rooms at school :P
    I might check out that Titania one, though they're not a brand I'm familiar with. Your comments always introduce me to things that I want but aren't in this country, lol! I love it, though :P

    I'll have a look, Bluewinx15!

    Thanks for your comments, everyone :)

  7. Okay, so I went to buy this todays right, and guess what? My index nail broke on my way home! And until last February, I'd always bite my nails so when I have to file them down they look horrible coz the nail bed isn't even! >.<
    I prefer using the metal nail files to sand papery ones - they're faster and easier to use! =D

    Do you know anything about nail bed repair??

  8. That's a painful irony, IlSuNy. That really sucks! But congratulations on stopping biting your nails.

    I'm afraid I'm pretty clueless about nail bed repair, but I know someone who's very good with it and is happy to share her knowlege (loodie loodie loodie) Hey, what's your blog/email address, so we can get in touch?

  9. My blog:
    I think about things so much that my mind feels like it's gonna blow up and getting it all down in writing is like stress relief for me lol!
    And you've already got me on TSR =D I love that place!
    As for that person, I would LOVE YOU if she could help me! =D


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