Essie "Bermuda Shorts" Preview

Posted by on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hell yeah, I'm doing a preview. Why? Because it's that damn awesome. Also, I've only swatched it matte and not glossy, so yeah :P *sheepish look*

Two/three coats of Bermuda Shorts, stamped with a generic Poundland polish and one of my favourite Bundle Monster designs.


Love love LOVE this polish.  Wish I could find the rest of that collection! :(


  1. Beautiful job you did there.

  2. Thanks Cel!

    Lol, think I botched the ring finger a bit. Thanks anyway, Jaljen!

    Thank you, BeauxsMom!

    Thanks, Sparklz and Shine! Stick around for the actual swatch, the polish is gorgeous even naked :P

  3. Love it! So pretty, i love stamping nail art looks so good yet its so simple! x

  4. Thank you, Grace! I love stamps too, though I find it hard to align them :P


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