Leopards never change their spots. Or nail polish.

Posted by on Monday, August 30, 2010

Actually I'm not a leopard so I did change my nail polish. I just needed something sort of witty to put as a title. I failed, but yeah. I mean, leopards can't type, right? Their claws would get stuck in the keyboard *shifty eyes*

So anyway. This is none other than a BARRY M NAIL PAINT in Cyan Blue (I'm really sorry guys, I have no idea why I keep reaching for these...) and the orange is a franken. It looked slightly darker in real life (the orange, I mean) but not a lot. It was a pretty poor franken in all honesty but it's nearly finished now (I didn't make much, yey) so I can reuse the bottle for bigger and better things. World domination! w00t.
If you're in the UK - How is your bank holiday Monday going? Anyone doing anything nice? I only have less than a week before I go back to school. Boo. GCSE'S and a new tyrannical head of year. Do not want.


  1. Bank holiday is the BEST...apart from tomoro being the busiest day of the year at work!! lol

    Enjoy the last bit of your holidays xxx

  2. They're awesome aren't they? We had a barbecue :P Ah, enjoy work as much as you can lol :( Thanks so much!


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