MUA Love Hearts Lip Balms in 'Kiss Me' and 'Great Lips' review.

Posted by on Thursday, July 26, 2012

 Be honest, who didn't see these and immediately mentally scream 'Pout Polish!' I know I did...

However, though these greatly resemble Pout Polish in their packaging, they're really not the same product once you open the lid. For one, these are far more moisturising than I've ever personally found the Pout Polishes to be. For me (and I can vouch for this, look back under the 'Sleek' tag for all my Pout Polish reviews, I say the same thing) Pout Polishes are a little more moisturising than Vaseline, with a bit of colour. I use them for their colour, not for moisture, because they simply don't give any. These, on the other hand, are really hydrating. They leave my lips feeling nice and soft at the end of a day wearing them.

Even the way they feel on the lip is different from Pout Polishes. Pout Polishes feel like they're going to slide off as soon as you dare to eat or drink - these are comfortably hugging, almost a little tacky, so they stay put a little longer.


The colour isn't bad, either - there's a solid tint when on the lips, which is layerable.
These cost £2 each from Superdrug, which is a good price considering the Pout Polishes are pushing £5 now. :/
All in all, very pleased with this offering from MUA. I'm going to try and collect more as they don't seem to be limited edition!

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