Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer, Shade Four

Posted by on Thursday, May 31, 2012

 This concealer is very, very, very thick. That was the very first thing I noticed about it.


Also, go easy on the clicks. I clicked about fifty times just to get it started, and nothing happened for ages before it all spewed out at once. Gross.
It dries too quickly to ensure adequate blending and it's really quite dry considering where it is meant to be used (the delicate under eye area). You need a wetter product to be able to blend it well so you can avoid the reverse racoon look, and this doesn't cut it. I like to add a spot of moisturiser to it when I'm using it, just to give me that time that I need to blend and to soften the reflectiveness a little, but I shouldn't really have to do that.

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Just for the product consistency, and the price (it's not cheap at about £7) I won't be repurchasing.

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