Miss Sporty?

Posted by on Saturday, January 21, 2012

I really wanted the glittery topcoat, and during the Christmas period Superdrug did a lot of promotions on various makeup lines. I can't remember what the exact deal was on Miss Sporty but it involved a free nail polish (I think) if you bought some other items from the range? I don't know. I'd been eyeing the topcoat for some time, so this just gave me a good excuse to get it.


I bought the brown colour because it looked unusual - yes, stupid on my part, as I know how horrid their nail polishes go after not very long. Still haven't tested it.


This is my second experience with their lipstick range - the first was when I was fourteen, and bought a not-very-opaque black lipstick to vamp around in and pose for Facebook photos wearing. Yup. Don't remind me. That one wasn't scented. I don't know if all their lipsticks are now scented or they've reformulated the range or it's just this one or what. But this smells very strongly of bubble gum, just like it's name. It's quite novel, for me - I like it!


 The colour is halfway between sheer and opaque...highlights lines in a not very flattering way, and I don't have very 'liney' lips. Might be a bit too light, as well. I like it as a somewhat wearable way into the whole 'peach/bright lips' trend that was big last summer, though knowing my luck it won't be this summer.




  1. Haha omg, your black lipstick story - I totally did that too, except it was for MySpace and *shudders* VampireFreaks. XD

  2. Not that it lessens the embarrasment much :( Oh, the shame.


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