MUA Pro 'Starry Nights' Eyeshadow Palette Review

Posted by on Monday, October 17, 2011

While I know the vast majority of the human race beauty blogging world seem to consider 'Heaven and Earth' as the standout palette from the MUA Pro range, I personally think this little beauty more than gives it a run for its' money. Perhaps it's the oversaturation talking (after the first TOWIB everyone seemed to have got one for free, subsequently blogged about it stating it's awesome, and I did get more than sick of hearing about it) and I know that obviously with something as personal as a palette, personal preferences as to eyeshadow combinations come into play, but I still think, as objectively as I can do (not very, fyi), that this is a damn good investment too, if not more so than the Heaven and Earth palette.


MUA have really played to their strengths here - although I feel that's something that can be said for the majority of the Pro line, perhaps excluding their Pretty Pastels palette - in that they've collated a good mix of neutral, smoky, and highlight colours (with the odd bright or two to add interest) using their signature shimmer formula. I think MUA shimmer eyeshadow colours really are a love or hate thing - you're either like myself, and adore the fact that they're so pigmented yet cheap, as well as being easy to apply and layer, or you belong to the 'hate' camp, who dislikes their somewhat unique 'oily' texture (I suspect mineral oil is involved in their formulation, somewhere) and finds them difficult to blend and prone to creasing.  If you were a fan of the core line eyeshadows, you'll like these - the formula is very similar, but the oil content seems to be slightly toned down (a good thing.)


All are shimmer finishes, with a few of the darker shades having some added glitter. The colours are actually far more complex than my camera is giving them credit for - with every shift of the light, even the neutrals change in inensity and tone slightly - so I tried to capture two of the main colour phases in the swatches. Not entirely convinced that I did a great job...


I think I have the dark purple colour in this palette as a single eyeshadow (Shade 13, I believe) but I'm not complaining that I now have a backup. I use it often enough that soon I'll be able to see the pan, anyway. Even hardcore MUA collectors will have a hard time duplicating every shadow in this palette using the shadows in the core line, so I feel they've provided enough variety in the shade selection to keep most of us happy. Thoughts on their pro line of palettes?


  1. I've bought this.... three times for American CPs but never for myself! Need to get on that!

  2. LOL. I've done similar things before :P Do get on it, I personally think it's well worth the £4!

  3. This is the only one of the MUA Pro palettes that I'd consider buying, not needing any more neutrals or pastels. I always need more turquoise and glitter ;)

  4. ooh i like it! i got the Heaven and Earth Pallette the other day but i dunno how I feel about it! haha

  5. wow, they look really pigmented however i dislike eyeshawdow with so much glitter (: but i may check this palette out!! thanks for review!

    CMPang x

  6. Julianne - everyone needs more turqouise and glitter, lol! I think MUA have either just come out with or are coming out with more palettes with colour schemes that remind me of this, so maybe you'll see another that takes your fancy?

    Charlie - Really? I've heard loads of good reviews about that particular palette, though I don't own it myself. Is it the colour scheme or the formulation that you don't know what you feel about?

    Mai - yeah, they're pretty pigmented! Shame that you don't like much glitter - but in this particular one only about three or so shades have a lot of glitter, so maybe you'll like this!

    Thanks for your comments :)

  7. I always love the look of Sleek's palettes but it is a pain to get here in the US. I cannot justify the $13.50 in shipping :(

  8. I know the feeling, Mai :/ International postage prices put a lot of people off Sleek and I can see why.


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