I feel so grown up with my face cream in a jar.

Posted by on Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In the words of that Korean guy in Nicki Minaj's video...CHECK. IT. OUTTT!


I was cruising in Tescos. Having run out of my Vaseline Body face whatever cream a few days ago, I realised it was high time for another. And what would have been the point in not picking up this one? A jar was £4.04, but it was on offer for two jars for £4 (no, I don't understand it either). Anyway, I bought two jars.


I'm really, REALLY not keen on the smell - it smells a little like rancid baby powder (to me) and the scent hangs around for a while. Shame, because that's the only thing that ruined a really good product. I love the fact that this has an SPF in it because I can never be bothered with applying that seperately. It rubs in well and keeps my face hydrated all day (as promised) and best of all, IT COMES IN A JAR. WOO JARS.

The smell is gross though. Not sure if I'll repurchase it purely on that factor.


  1. Ooee, ooee. I like the smell of Johnson's usual stuff so I might like this. £4.04??? Crazy.

  2. I've always wanted to try this, although not quite this product. My grandmother used to use Johnson's baby cold cream, or baby cream (not lotion) in a jar on her face and she swore it's what made her face look much younger than she is. I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

  3. ha ha yes it is odd when shops esp supermarkets put on offers like this, but heck it is good for us :-) shame about the smell though x

  4. I remember this..it destroyed my skin barrier.

  5. I didn't understand it either, Jaljen...

    If you try it, Jen, let us know!

    I know, Nicole. I find I'm smelling it less now I'm getting to the end of the jar, though - thank god.

    Destroyed your skin barrier??? Woah...


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