MUA 'Pretty Pastels' Palette Review and EOTD

Posted by on Friday, July 08, 2011

I was totally pscyhed when I saw these MUA palettes and was lucky to recieve two to review. The first one I'm going to show you is called 'Pretty Pastels'. I find it's a really sort of 'spring' feeling
palette for me - pretty much every spring time is all about pastel colours. I don't mind wearing pastels on the nails, but it's a bit of a new concept for my I don't really wear pastel shades as they usually just fade to white on me. I was hoping that these'd be different but...nope, sadly. Although I do quite like the light brown colour as a sort of brow highlight.





Wahey, it's like I'm staring at you a billion times. Feel free to be creeped out.

Unfortunately, doing this EOTD was a bit of a pain in the arse, in all honesty. I think the amount of kaolin clay used in them made them chalky and hard to work with, and even worse wet (in large quantitites. They were good using a small amount as eyeliner). I'd apply some of the pink shade, go back to do the blue and find a lot of the pink had run out. Reapply and it all fell out over the blue shade. This took way longer than it should have.



These all contain a little shimmer/micro glitter in them, which I found made them a bit tricky to remove as the glitter clung for dear life around my skin, even when swatching. Where I think I'll be using these is as liner for a pretty pastel (ignore the pun. I genuinely didn't plan it. Promise) pop of colour for looks and stuff. Wet a brush, dip into the colour and line away. Who knows, maybe next spring I'll be rocking these as liners...probably not as actual eyeshadows, however.

Anyone picked up this particular palette?


  1. You haven't sold them to me. They sound pretty rubbish. But you have to say it as you see it.

  2. I don't like this palette much, especially when I compare it to what I'm used to from their single shadows. I wouldn't buy it myself.

  3. Hmm they do look like very pretty colours and seem quite pigmented in the swatches you'v done but the chalkiness is pushing me away from trying it out myself.
    Thanks for the review =]

  4. I would love to get the glitter palette but this mua pro line is hard to get hold off.

  5. OMG WOW @ the EOTD O_O Your eye make-up is SO stunning!!

  6. Ugh, chalky eyeshadow is the worst. You did a great job with them though!

  7. I can't fault the colours, Sara, but the formulation was a no-no for me :(

    Are you in the UK, Beautyshades? If so, you can now order from Superdrug's website as a lot of instore stock seems to have sold out.

    Ahaha, thanks Anna :P Nowhere near as pretty as yours though!

    I know, ChaosButterfly :( The only thing that annoys me more than chalky eyeshadow is chalky, unpigmented matte eyeshadow. That makes me raaaage.

    Thanks for your comments!


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