Maybelline Swatches and mascara comparison

Posted by on Friday, April 09, 2010

Hey guys! After this post, there is one more (of the purple glitter polish) that was pictured in the very first haul and another Boots purple one that wasn't pictured, and then we can swatch the newer ones :P
This is from the Colorama collection by Maybelline. The colour is called "Jelly Bean"

The very first photo lies. The colour is a LOT more green. It's a bluey-tinged turquoise in shade and a greeny one in sunlight.
I had reservations about this colour originally. I painted a coat on and was just like, what? Is this going to be another Tropical Peach? It went on meh. A tad runny, and it looked really sheer on my nail which irritated me. It opaqued up while it was drying though (which took a hella long time). Despite the drying time, once it was dry, it really was dry - no amount of knocking could dent it, which I appreciated. And the brush was whack - splayed out everywhere - but I think that was due to the previous owner rather than any fault of the polish :P In the photos you see I've applied two coats. It has a foily finish and green shimmer. Yeah, it's grown on me.

Mascara time! These are two mascaras that I bought from TJ Hughes the other day.  
I got NYC Lengthening Mascara and Maybelline Define A Lash Volume Mascara.

 The NYC was really not good. I put a coat on my lashes and was like, "Eh?" It barely made any difference to my lashes apart from making them look slightly darker, which hello, I need no help with, because they're black already? I waited five minutes then mushed another coat on. And another. After loads of vigarous shaking and pulling, my lashes looked a little longer. A little. What a fail. The brush was soft and didn't really feel like it was doing anything. Not my thing at all.

The Maybelline was a lot better, though the brush felt a tad odd because it was so short and bristly, almost painful. Once you get used to the sensation, though, this is by far the superior product. It instantly seperates your lashes and actually makes them look longer and fuller, and I didn't need to put on a million coats.

*I paid for all these products myself. :D

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